Surprise travel startup Instaviagem raises US$500,000 from Domo Invest

surprise travel startup instaviagem raises us$500,000 from domo invest
surprise travel startup instaviagem raises us$500,000 from domo invest

Contxto – Seems like Brazilian travel startup, Instaviagem, is receiving a R$2 million (approximately US$500,000) wire transfer from its most recent investor, Domo Invest.

Instaviagem is like a box of chocolates

…you never know what you’re gonna get.

Indeed, Instaviagem was created especially for those who love surprises. If you enjoy the unexpected and embarking on spontaneous quests, Instaviagem will take good care of you. 

Domo’s investment will go towards scaling and consolidating operating within Brazil and soon out of the country. 

When we founded Instaviagem two years ago, we realized that there was still wasn’t any solution in Brazil that would bring travelers unique experiences and even offer, eventually, surprises that were in line with their expectations.

– Caio Martins, Instaviagem CEO.

“Domo Invest’s multidisciplinary team, which relies on the robust experiences of its partners and partners in this ecosystem, the focus on end-consumer startups and their commitment to Smart Money, have undoubtedly been the credentials that made the difference in closing this contribution.”

First, users must submit basic personal information, including interests and vacation goals. Following this, the company’s algorithm and curation experts will take care of planning and arranging every trip detail. This means that you won’t know your destination until days prior to departure.

As you await the big day, you’ll get sporadic riddles and hints about the trip. This is to keep you at the edge of your seat until the big reveal happens.

Growth capital

Founded in 2017, the company currently features more than 20 destinations across Brazil. Instaviagem has also established partnerships with some of the most renowned and amazing lodging and accommodation facilities.

Matter of fact, the company is also thinking of expansion. However, it’s also planning to share the solution with tour operators so their clients can use the platform, too.

The platform enables users full-blown trip customization. They can choose the number of days in each city and hotel, the type of food they like the most as well as crossing out places they’ve already visited.

Both its proprietary algo and team of curators allow Instaviagem to deliver personalized attention to over 1,000 customers per month, and counting!

As of lately, the travel industry has been enhancing the most. For example, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) annual survey revealed that last year the industry reached $ 8.8 trillion. All the while, it certainly has the potential to earn more.

For the eighth consecutive year, the growth of this sector even surpassed the high rate of world GDP.

surprise travel startup instaviagem raises us$500,000 from domo invest

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surprise travel startup instaviagem raises us$500,000 from domo invest

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