Wareclouds, the promising Chilean collaborative logistics startup founded in 2020 by Nicolás Aramayo and Arturo Quiroz, has successfully concluded its third financing round, attracting USD $2 million. Of this amount, 2048 Ventures, a New York-based firm, led the round, contributing USD $1.8 million, while ChileGlobal Ventures followed up with a USD $200,000 input.

This fresh capital will mainly go towards accelerating Wareclouds’ expansion in the Chilean and Brazilian markets and launching operations in Mexico.

“We have already established a notable presence in Brazil, operating in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, and Vitoria. However, our next year’s ambitions are to expand to at least ten cities. Moreover, we are eager to break into the Mexican market in 2024, with a projected growth of at least 500% by the end of that year”, shared founder Arturo Quiroz.

The innovative proposal of Wareclouds lies in a business model where a digital platform connects individual households with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large e-commerce operations. These businesses can store their inventory in these households, significantly streamlining logistics. Wareclouds’ owned fleet of dispatchers further bolsters this ingenious solution.

The system features two distinct branches: on the one hand, the fulfillment centers, which are mainly oriented towards businesses and SMEs for quick e-commerce deliveries, guaranteeing same-day delivery or even within a 90-minute timeframe.

The startup has already forged partnerships with over 250 renowned brands such as Unilever, Virgin Mobile, and Copec with this service. In parallel, the cross-docking centers are aimed at traditional channels like neighborhood stores, liquor shops, and small-scale restaurants. Among their highlighted clients in this sector is AB InBev in Brazil.

Addressing the challenges of expanding in Brazil, Quiroz mentioned that while they faced initial hurdles like the language barrier and bureaucracy, these were overcome by hiring a local team and choosing to spend several months in Brazil during the initial phase.

“Our experience in Brazil has been enriching. Despite the initial bureaucratic challenges, our model has been well-received. Our plan for Mexico mirrors that of Brazil, and we are partnering with a major corporate ally, which lowers our risks and allows us to establish our logistics network swiftly”, the entrepreneur added.