Contxto – Brazilian Zee.Dog announced it raised R$100 million (US$18.8 million) through TreeCorp Investimentos.

Thanks to the funding, Zee.Dog can put many of its plans into motion, including an international leap, that’s sure to set many tails a wagging.

Why it’s a big deal: Investors have lately shown great interest in pet e-commerce and Zee.Dog’s round only further drives that point home.

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Zee.Dog’s plans

The freshly-funded startup intends to expand within its native country throughout 2020. Likewise it’s expecting to launch in the United States sometime next year. Its first stops would be Seattle and New York. 

It also has some offline plans. 

The startup intends to open the “Zee.Dog Temple” a massive, three story, 600 square-meter flagship store in Brazil. What with the Covid pandemic, it might seem counter-intuitive to open a brick and mortar shop. Albeit Zee.Dog says it will add onto the brand experience.

Moreover, it will also direct funding towards developing a new product line: “Zee.Dog Kitchen,” or pet food.

Trends in Latam pet startups

In any case, businesses tendering to the pet market have been garnering attention in recent months. 

Last April, São Paulo-based Petlove raised US$48 million through SoftBank.

Meanwhile, Google for Startups Accelerator chose Argentine Oliver Pets as part of its latest cohort in Latin America.

Then there’s Petz, a large chain of pet stores in Brazil. The company had hoped to make its IPO launch this year and had even witnessed its online sales grow throughout the pandemic. Although Petz has opted to put its IPO plans on the backburner.

The differentiator: What sets Zee.Dog apart from these businesses is that it’s not a third party vendor of products. Rather, its leashes, chew toys, collars, and (eventually) food are all owned by the startup.

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