Contxto – In the wake of Chilean protesters’ dream of a more egalitarian society, perhaps Doble Impacto can contribute to easing ongoing tensions. Alongside Quest Capital, the Chilean crowdfunding platform Doble Impacto intends to invest in high social impact projects as part of its new US$10 million crowdsourcing fund

In a symbiotic partnership, Doble Impacto collaborated with the public finance firm Quest Capital to launch this crowd-lending platform, of which Fundación Dinero y Consciencia (Foundation Money and Consciousness) is the parent company.

Whether the undertakings relate to education, culture, environment or social inclusion, this social impact fund is the first of its kind in Chile.

Investment areas for Doble Impacto

Meaning “double impact” in Spanish, Doble Impacto will focus on funding efforts in education and culture, development and social inclusion, as well as nature and environment.

Various sectors fall under the education and culture umbrella, such as quality education, creative industries, in addition to sustainable tourism. For a better idea of what this entails, simply glimpse at what Algramo is doing with its closed-loop repackaging business. More so, Karun also refurbishes plastic waste into sustainable eyewear.

The area referring to development and social inclusion focuses on raising the quality of life of Chileans. While this startup is still in its early stages, the Chilean insurtech Infinity Life aspires to improve people’s welfare by developing an app to measure emotional wellbeing.

Last, but not least, the environmental pillar of Doble Impacto coincides with food systems, renewable energy, consumption, and sustainable production. Perhaps no better Chilean startup represents this better than NotCo, the biotech producing vegan alternatives for food staples. These include ice cream, mayonnaise, and perhaps meat substitutes in the future.

According to Doble Impacto’s website, the crowdfunding platform has already financed 200 operations with over CLP$9.5 billion (over US$11.9 million).