Written by: Luis Fernando Astorga

Contxto – By now, it’s probably obvious that blockchain technology has huge potential in Latin America. From journalism to the agricultural sector, now it’s making its way into civil and infrastructure projects.

BIMTrazer is a Chilean platform that was recently named the Most Innovative Project at ExpoEDIFICA 2019.

Since the 1990s, this Chilean event is where both local and international civil engineering companies gather to share their projects while seeking new talent and investments. 

By incorporating blockchain technology, virtual reality, geomatics, telemetry, and BIM (Building Information Modeling), BIMTrazer provides a historical record of civil engineering projects. In turn, this ensures the transparency and auditability for public as well as private construction processes.  

With Automatic Learning algorithms, the platform can detect critical incidents and even predict the displacement of work time. Moreover, it generates real-time alerts via mobile devices that inform construction management and contractors of the current project status. 

Expoedifica 2019 Names Bimtrazer As The Most Innovative Project In Chile

Bimtrazer at ExpoEDIFICA 2019 

CEO Pablo Romero, the engineer who presented BIMTrazer at ExpoEDIFICA, recently explained to Cointelegraph how the NEM blockchain solution functions. 

“We work on the NEM blockchain because unlike others, it has the possibility of using intelligent assets,” said Romero. “This serves to accommodate all the traceability pieces that we do in public projects.” 

Due to this, the technology ensures that information cannot be modified through its nodes network. 

Romero also stressed how this could positively impact transparency in the government sector. Similarly, he added that BIMTrazer “is designed to minimize additional construction costs and travel times in construction. It also has the ability to control the life cycle of a construction, from design to commissioning.”