Contxto – As Santa preps his reindeers for the holiday season, last-minute shoppers in Chile have a whole new modality to purchase clothes. That’s to say, Rappi recently partnered with the international fashion house, H&M, in what appears to be a strategic union between retail and delivery. 

Such a development follows H&M’s launch of a three-level mega-store in the Kennedy Open shopping mall on December 12. Now, thanks to this collaboration between the Colombian delivery unicorn and the Swedish fashion brand, Chileans users can now invest in new wardrobes over the super app. 

Based on reports, this service began on December 6 and only available at five stores in the capital of Santiago. These include locations at Los Dominicos, Independencia, Casa Costanera, Mall Arauco Maipú, and Florida Center.

Moreover, users can even directly communicate with rappitenderos (that is, delivery people to you and me) in case of alterations. 

H&M in Chile and Latin America

Active in Chile since 2013, H&Ms outside of Santiago exist in Antofagasta, Curicó, Concepción, Coquimbo, Temuco, and Viña del Mar. Needless to say, perhaps it’s only a matter of time until other locations adopt expedited delivery options.

Outside of Chile, H&M also operates in Peru, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Mexico. While the Swedish firm recently amped up its Chilean presence, Mexico continues to be the company’s most robust market with over 50 stores

Based on recent coverage, this same feature could also potentially expand to Peru and Uruguay in the near future. In other words, be on the lookout for more Rappi logos and delivery boxes at H&M stores across the region.

Rappi’s growth in Latin America

According to the head of Consumer Packaged Goods at Rappi Chile, Sebastián Waldman, the company intends to integrate with other clothing retailers, such as Adidas and Reebok. Similarly, Rappi has reportedly finalized such arrangements with Under Armor and Intersport for further integration. 

Once again, Rappi demonstrates its eagerness to grow its omnichannel presence throughout the region. This past November, the delivery giant premiered in Ecuador, not to mention a recent launch in Costa Rica.