SQM Funds UK’s Salinity Solutions with $1.27 Million

A Water Tech Pilot will be implemented in Chile’s Salar de Atacama
Sqm Funds Uk's Salinity Solutions With $1.27 Million
Sqm Funds Uk Salinity Solutions With 127 Million

SQM Lithium Ventures, the Chilean CVC, has invested $1.27 million in UK-based Salinity Solutions to revolutionize water purification by halving the energy requirement. This strategic funding aims at global scaling with a lookout for future investments.

  • Salinity Solutions will conduct a pilot of its innovative water technology in Chile’s Salar de Atacama, deploying a team from Antofagasta and surrounding northern areas.
  • The funds are set to fast-track Salinity’s growth, with goals to increase sales and clinch the first licensing deal by 2024.
  • Salinity leverages a “batch reverse osmosis” technique, offering a more efficient, less wasteful, and portable solution compared to conventional methods.
  • SQM’s investment underscores its commitment to environmental objectives like minimizing groundwater usage, reducing brine extraction in the Atacama Salt Flat, and achieving lithium production carbon neutrality.

SQM Lithium Ventures’ backing represents a strategic alliance to propel Salinity Solutions’ ambitions. The startup, established in 2021 by Tim Naughton, has seen its innovative approach recognized with patents in major markets, including the EU, China, and the US.

Ángeles Romo from SQM Lithium Ventures heralded the venture as a significant step towards engaging in the water treatment sector through this international collaboration.

Read the detailed article by Consuelo Morales, read more at startupslatam.com.

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