Contxto – Straightforward and easy to comprehend, Founder Institute’s goal is to “Globalize Silicon Valley.” As one of the world’s largest accelerators, now the organization is one step closer to achieving t3his in Colombia. This past Wednesday, Founder Institute Colombia concluded its most recent acceleration program.

From healthtech, fintech, to proptech, this year’s cohort certainly represented the diversity among entrepreneurs and industries in Colombia’s growing startup ecosystem. The group consisted of the following 15 graduating startups that recently presented during the event’s Demo Day on May 22.


Arpón functions as a multichannel commercial and sales platform for banks and consumers. Serving as an intermediary between sales executives and potential clients, Arpon helps partners create strong sales pitches based on the latest consumer psychology.  


Beecky is an advanced chatbot created to help better manage bookings and appointments between doctors and patients. It is also an omnichannel approach to dealing with the inefficiencies of the medical and healthcare industry.


The peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform connects cannabis farmers with potential investors via blockchain technology. It uses seed-to-scale blockchain technology to trace, monitor and control the crop. Data analytics also help farmers to monitor crops while investors can observe returns.


COMUNTI is a web-based platform that aims to transform how people save their money. Eventually, users can contribute to causes they’d like to support most.


It aims to minimize the hassle of thinking, designing and creating promotional material for companies. This e-commerce startup helps businesses from all sizes find the material they need easily and effectively.


Connects patients with medical practitioners in a fast and effective format. Its platform makes easier to contact practitioners, by either home visits or telemedicine.


Users and companies can obtain effective products or services to increase financial productivity with Finbox.


Considering that only 40 percent of Colombians have access to credit, Linxe is trying to fill that void. With such disparities, the company is working on providing online credit to low-income individuals over its platform.


The purpose of Litmoi is to become Colombia’s first digital “stock exchange” for the music industry. To manage this, the platform skillfully unites supply as well as demand over digital content. In other words, fans can buy and sell shares with ease.


This startup is changing how suppliers and buyers conduct business in Colombia’s agricultural industry.


The Colombian real estate industry is becoming more efficient thanks to Nexhom helping customers buy and sell properties more effectively. Less bureaucracy makes the purchasing or selling process all the more painless for customers.


Functioning as a healthcare startup, Plani is known for its subscription model in addition to its monthly deliveries of contraceptive medicines. Not only does this promote physical wellbeing but also unprecedented convenience.


Don’t expect any generalizations or false diagnoses with Portunus. After all, individualized medical attention is guaranteed with this startup. The startup offers personalized treatment with patients’ DNA samples.


With “nomads” as the target audience, Questips tries to function as a social network for travel enthusiasts. Therefore, travelers can explore nearby activities or plan their next adventure with tips that locals leave on the platform.

Voice Feeling

Due to its AI-powered solution, this startup supports businesses in increasing sales by implementing strong online support. From this, Voice Feeling has allowed clients to raise NPS scores by 30 points as well as increase customer satisfaction by up to 98 percent.


As previously mentioned, these 15 startups presented during the event’s Demo Day on May 22nd. During this time, attendees watched keynote speakers, networked and learned from the founders and investors taking part in the program.

Nowadays, Founders Institute runs in more than 180 countries. Moreover, it has accelerated over 3,500 startups. This roughly translates to a portfolio value of US$20 billion, which isn’t too bad. Safe to say that Colombia has a lot to bring to the table.