Alameda opens first South American furniture showroom in Bogotá

alameda opens first south american furniture showroom in bogotá
alameda opens first south american furniture showroom in bogotá

Contxto – Following the merger of furniture aficionados Alameda and Mubler facilitated by Angel Ventures, the new namesake Alameda recently opened its first physical retail and exhibition space in Colombia.

alameda opens first south american furniture showroom in bogotá

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alameda opens first south american furniture showroom in bogotá

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Co-founders Juan Camilo García (left) and Juan Felipe Uribe (right) at the new Alameda showroom in Bogotá.

Not only do both Mexicans and Colombians have the e-commerce portal at their disposal, but now real-life locations for every furniture inclination. For the “online to offline retailer,” this marks its third showroom including the Masaryk and Reforma locations in Mexico City. 

Located on Calle 109 in Bogotá, according to a recent press release, this store formally launched on September 1. Here shoppers will find the showroom meant to complement the online shopping experience with more products. 

Categorization of items, many of which aren’t available in the regular market, goes by price, quality and design criteria. 

“We want to convey accessibility, practicality and confidence in a different shopping experience full of technology,” said Juan Felipe Uribe, co-founder of Alameda. “This allows us to connect our entire online catalog in a physical place for our customers.”

Over 4,000 products featured online will also be available for viewing in the store. These include sofas, chairs, furniture, accessories, lighting fixtures, plus an assortment of other items. 


Whether you’re considering to furnish your home, personal office or business, customers have a vast inventory of items to survey. The purpose of Alameda is to provide a personalized and innovative shopping experience where technology fuses with design. 

Much of the tailored design occurs in the Alameda Workshop where furniture and accessories are crafted or embellished. At the new Bogotá location, there will also be a designated innovation space for architects and developers, the Alameda Studio, to conceptually tackle projects and devise furniture solutions. 

Both of these efforts reinforce Alameda’s bond to customization and tailored-made furniture. This is also apparent on the e-commerce platform where shoppers can differentiate furniture searches by color, price, category, etc. 

Most of the items are also viewable at the new Colombian showroom, allowing potential buyers to check out items before they decide to buy. 


Back in the day, the original Alameda and Mubler were two distinct companies. The former Alameda launched in 2015 as a Mexican e-commerce platform for customizable furniture and interior design. On the other hand, Mubler started in 2016 in its native Colombia as a similar home improvement resource. 

You know what they say; great minds think alike.


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