Contxto – For a handful of Colombian startups, today is a big day. Thanks to super team and Seedstars, ten startups from Colombia will soon test out the waters in Mexico and Peru.

From November 11 until November 16, these Colombian companies will be participating in a six-day “cultural exchange” program. That’s to say, they will attempt to scale and expand operations at an international level.

With this, nine startups will go to Mexico, while one shall explore the Peruvian ecosystem. Networking with key players and agencies will play a central role, according to a recent press release from Seedstars.

There are also various B2B and B2C startups in the mix. All of them share the common denominator of having a digital approach to solve complex issues. However, the areas they cover range from enhancing educational experiences for students and staff to offering high-quality medical instruments online.

This project emerged as a joint initiative between two parties. The first is the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MINTIC) in Colombia, through its Program. While the second promoter of this international expansion is none other than Seedstars, a global fund and community resource for startups.

In Mexico InteliBPO, Rebus, KAWAK, Taxia Life, Instrumentalia, Sistema Saberes, IGLUW,, and Lookapp will be putting their skills to the test. Meanwhile, IMIX will be in Peru.

International expansion program

These startups are sure to keep quite busy. Among their activities will be familiarizing themselves with the receiving country’s ecosystem. What better way to achieve this than visiting local incubators, accelerators as well as meeting with key players.

Likewise, they’ll receive exclusive insight regarding fellow Colombian startups that have previously succeeded in Mexico or Peru. So, there’ll be plenty of experiences and shared around.

Lastly, each startup will have their own personalized agenda for networking, meeting with potential clients as well as building partnerships. All of which serves the purpose of facilitating their successful entry into new markets.