LLYC Venturing Invests $200K in Colombian AI Voice Startup WeKall

The investment aims to fuel the startup’s growth and international expansion, spotlighting the startup’s AI-driven customer experience solutions.
Llyc Venturing Invests $200k In Colombian Ai Voice Startup Wekall Llyc Venturing Invests $200k In Colombian Ai Voice Startup Wekall
Llyc Venturing Backs Colombian Ai Voice Startup Wekall With 200000 Investment

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This company applies AI to voice channels, converting conversations into data and providing insights to improve customer experience significantly.

WeKall’s technology specializes in sentiment analysis, identifying keywords in conversations, and tracking sales and customer service scripts. This helps businesses of various sizes enhance their customer satisfaction rates and, therefore, their brand reputation.

WeKall develops voice and messaging software with Artificial Intelligence, offering products such as business telephony, cloud contact centers, and virtual assistants. It also provides integrations with applications like HubSpot, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, and others.

Latin American funds like Carao Ventures, Imagine Ventures, Prodigio Capital, and Rockstart have joined LLYC in this investment, aiming to support WeKall’s growth and expansion into Mexico.

“We seek to invest in companies where we can make a significant contribution to their business development and growth. For WeKall, we see potential to enhance customer experience and telesales channels through their AI technology. We look forward to a strategic partnership with WeKall that fosters growth for both parties,” says Ibo Sanz, Director of Global Innovation Strategy at the firm.

Established in 2020 in Cali by Colombian siblings Felipe and Julián Sánchez, WeKall positions itself as a competitor in its industry, challenging companies like Avaya. “With LLYC’s support, we aim to significantly accelerate our growth and strengthen our presence in Spanish-speaking markets. This is a crucial time for WeKall, and we are ready for the next stage in our international expansion,” says Felipe Sánchez, CEO and co-founder of WeKall.

LLYC Venturing intends to invest €5 million, with investments ranging from €50,000 to €500,000, in technologies that are shaping the communication and digital marketing industry.

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