Zaaz Bicimensajería is Cuba’s solution for a greener way to deliver

Contxto – We all heard how important it is to limit our carbon footprint and for us to care about climate change. That and how doing more exercise and being healthier is a must in life.

Luckily, all of these are some of the perks provided by the new Cuban startup Zaaz Bicimensajería, an eco-friendly and mobility delivery app.

Zaaz, deliveries for a cleaner world

A service that is personalized, flexible, trustworthy, and facilitates payment. For founder Lisa del Prado, biking was just a hobby and she first started delivering for her art business ‘Mi rinconcito’, which was also eco-friendly based on recycled materials.

This idea emerged because of the lack of transportation coupled with the pandemic. That was when she came up with the idea of helping her community through bike mail.

“In Cuba, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses or people to transport goods from one place to another, or any package they wish to send or receive. As a lover of cycling and everything that implies the use of it as an alternative for healthy and sustainable mobility, I came up with this service,” said Prado.

Changing delivery

This project caters mainly to local businesses and consumers who are in need of delivery, since many cannot go out because of the pandemic and its restrictions. 

There are two types of delivery, ‘express’—for immediate deliver—and ‘reserved’—when you order in advance with the specifications of the day and time you would like to receive your goods.

It was hard for Zaaz Bicimensajeria at first to get its voice heard. In the first months of the pandemic lockdown in Cuba—June, July, and August—, uptake was slow and steady, but by September deliveries had really picked up.

“They have been active for a short time and with little dissemination on social networks. You will wonder how its expansion has been possible because we tell you that it was due to the oldest advertising technique; word of mouth,” said del Prado.

Innovation means a lot of things, for many it is a technological matter, but it is also disruption, finding ways to implement change, be able to transform and not be left behind. 

During this time we have seen many do it, from local businesses to well-established startups. What all of them have in common is that they are able to adapt and seek growth in each situation in which they encounter themselves.


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