Smart Doctor, a telemedicine application launched in 2020, is set to raise a new round of capital and re-enter the B2C market. The company shifted its focus to address the growing mental health gap by offering psychological care at lower prices than the traditional market.

With a current user base of 77,000, Smart Doctor aims to triple this figure to 230,000 by strengthening its B2B channel and expanding through B2B2C and B2C offerings. The company has formed alliances with universities and organizations to provide discounted psychological care sessions, with 50% of its registered users being Peruvian, 40% Mexican, and 10% Colombian.

In 2023, Smart Doctor recorded a turnover of $1 million and projects to triple its numbers this year. The startup expects to achieve a turnover of $3 million and invest in an AI-driven algorithm to match users with appropriate specialists.

Smart Doctor also aims to secure 50 agreements with universities, institutes, school chains, and NGOs to strengthen its B2B2C channel. With a growth rate of 10x over the past three years, the company seeks to maintain this trend and scale to the next stage of consolidation.