Barcelona Ranked Third for Startup Establishment in Europe

Maintains top position for six years, excelling in digital talent attraction and scientific ecosystem development.
Barcelona Ranked Third For Startup Establishment In Europe
Barcelona Ranked Third For Startup Establishment In Europe

This ranking is highlighted in the “Barcelona en cifras” report, an annual compilation of the city’s key economic indicators, prepared by the Economic and Economic Promotion Department of the City Council. Additionally, the World’s Best Cities 2024 report by Resonance Consultancy places Barcelona eighth globally for attracting visitors and entrepreneurs, recognizing the city’s strengths in human capital, education, and local and international connections.

Further accolades for Barcelona include the 2023 European Entrepreneurial Region Award and being ranked fourth in the Top 100 of emerging ecosystems worldwide, according to The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2023. The city also claims the ninth spot for digital talent attractiveness and tenth for digital experts. The 2022 City Talent Index positions Barcelona as the leading Southern European city for talent attraction and retention, emphasizing its role as a significant talent magnet in “high-knowledge activities” and scientific production.

Councilor Raquel Gil highlights Barcelona’s leading role in attracting entrepreneurial talent and foreign investment, as well as its prominence in the scientific ecosystem. The city is actively fostering its science, knowledge, and innovation ecosystem through projects like the Ciudadela del Conocimiento and has become the top exporting region in Spain. Barcelona’s prowess in hosting international fairs and congresses is also notable, ranked as the world’s fourth most powerful city in this category by the International Congress and Convention Association.

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