Mexican startups take away over US$100,000 at MassChallenge Awards

Mexican Startups Take Away Over Us$100,000 At Masschallenge Awards Mexican Startups Take Away Over Us$100,000 At Masschallenge Awards
mexican startups take away over us$100,000 at masschallenge awards

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Contxto – Just last week, MassChallenge Awards Ceremony took place in Mexico City where three outstanding startups earned hefty cash prizes.

“This has been an exceptional year for us,” said Camila Lecaros, Managing Director of MassChallenge Mexico, in a recent press release.

“From companies with niche data analytics platforms to businesses that sell honey-based beauty products, we have a diversity of ideas in our 2019 startup class.”

As a world-class accelerator active in the United States, Israel, Switzerland, and Mexico, 10 startups competed for MXN$2 million (over US$100,000) in equity-free cash. 

“This kind of diversity propels the new ways Mexican startups are molding and changing our country, and we have a big responsibility to help them grow and consolidate their business models,” Lecaros added.

On November 7, contestants presented to a panel of industry leaders who evaluate them based on their potential to transform industries while solving critical issues. Comprised of Colombian and Mexican startups, the following two came out on top with MXN$800,000 (almost US$42,000) respectively.

PolyBion (Mexico)

Developing and marketing biomaterials is what PolyBion is all about. By biomaterials, we mean ecological substances that don’t require exorbitant amounts of water, animal cruelty or high carbon footprints to produce. 

As a biofabrication platform, PolyBion produces Celium, a biotextile that resembles leather, but in reality, it is produced from natural products. At its core, the startup believes that answers to many of today’s problems lay in nature. 

Abeja Reyna (Mexico) 

The cosmetic and health benefits of honey are well-known. But Abeja Reyna wants to take this natural substance to the next level. Through its line of innovative beauty and nutritional products, the startup wants to offer consumers an eco-friendly option for their personal care.

Likewise, this Queen Bee of cosmetics states its repertoire of goods consists of all-natural ingredients. Moreover, it doesn’t allow animal testing, nor does it harm the busy bees that make its core product.

Moreover, one lucky startup earned MXN$400,000 (almost US$21,000).

Facturedo (Mexico) 

No longer do SMEs need to wait 30, 60 or 90 days for customers to pay them. Rather, they can easily obtain liquidity through Facturedo’s secure and reliable marketplace. The platform provides all of the tools companies need to receive payment for their electronic invoices. 

A business just uploads its invoices onto the platform so the system can make an estimate of how much can be covered. According to the startup’s website, within a day it will provide a response and total cost. If in agreement, up to 90 percent of the amount visible on invoices will be deposited into the borrower’s bank account.

Below are the other finalists: (Mexico/Colombia)

Making yet another appearance on Contxto is DartSpeed, the startup optimizing websites to load within two seconds. Thanks to its optimization bots, DartSpeed assists partners in providing a seamless user experience on mobile websites. 

Ultimately, this service also helps customers make more sales conversions. The fact of the matter is that if people have a negative experience on mobile sites, they’re 62 percent less likely to make a purchase. Moreover, one out of two people reportedly expect a website to load within two seconds, according to DartSpeed’s website.

LikeU (Colombia)

Through LikeU, women in developing countries can learn digital skills to land new careers. Some of these include customer service, marketing, as well as sales. In the end, companies also benefit from faster means to recruit talent with results, flexibility, and efficient implementation. 

In general, LikeU seeks qualified individuals with the best profiles who have clear job goals. Finding those who enjoy what they do, the startup ensures less employee turnover and greater commitment to companies seeking services. 

ActiPulse Neuroscience (Mexico) 

Clinical research, engineering and manufacturing of neuromodulation devices is what ActiPulse offers. Specifically, the healthtech’s solutions focus on treatment for Parkinson’s disease, in addition to other neuropsychiatric disorders.

To achieve this, one of the methodologies that ActiPulse uses involves transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). This technique allows neuromodulation that alters the “excitability” of the cerebral cortex. That’s to say, excitability meaning the ability to respond to stimuli. 

Talent on Demand (Mexico)

Transforming work culture, one expert at a time, is how Talent on Demand introduces itself over the website. All in all, it’s a marketplace connecting experts with projects for a variety of companies needing on-demand, cost-effective and flexible solutions. 

Over 500 experts can be found in the Talent on Demand database. Specializations range from digital marketing, business development and sales, strategic planning, human resources, plus various others. 

Symplifica (Colombia) 

This SaaS allows individuals to hire domestic workers in a fast and reliable manner. In the process, these workers can enroll themselves in Symplifica’s social security system. Based on this sort of arrangement, the startup provides both much-needed reliability and transparency to independent contractors. 

Through this software, everything from payroll, contracts, day-to-day management, plus many other features, are available for users. Depending on your needs, plans range from employees needing to work one to four days a week, or those working five or more days a week. 

Legalario (Mexico)

Legal advice and documents are of utmost importance for any business. However, SMEs and individuals may hesitate to seek a lawyer due to financial limitations or time constraints. All in all, Legalario eases that pain point.

In other words, this SaaS offers personalized, customized legal documents and contracts. Users can rest assured that all the documents they obtain through Legalario’s system are legally sound. Plus, managing agreements and other lengthy files is also available through a personalized electronic library.

Bellezacheck (Mexico)

Finding the best reviews and ratings on beauty products is easy as 1-2-3 on Bellezacheck. As a community-driven platform, the marketplace empowers consumers to make informed decisions for every cosmetic purchase. 

Whether you’re searching for products to treat oily skin, damaged hair, wrinkles, sensitive or UV protection, there is something to satisfy every consumers’ diverse needs. Even waterproof and unisex items are available in the varied inventory. 


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