Contxto & LatamTech.UK hosting high-level panels on Covid-19’s effects on Latam

Contxto & Hosting High-level Panels On Covid-19's Effects On Latam Contxto & Hosting High-level Panels On Covid-19's Effects On Latam
contxto & latamtech hosting high-level panels on covid-19’s effects on latam

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Contxto – To truly understand what’s actually going on with the Latin American tech, startup, and VC ecosystem during the midst of Covid-19, you need a fair amount of brainpower.

It’s the reason Contxto has teamed up with LatamTech.UK to organize a series of high-level discussions surrounding the impact Covid-19 has had on Latin America’s innovative industries. The first will be held online on Tuesday, August 4, from 9am to 10am (GMT-5)

Together we have our finger on the pulse of Latin America. In conjunction and through these talks we look to give you the intelligence you will need to navigate this new situation; to understand emerging cultural habits; to accrue the evolving information about our regional market and to communicate with its key players. ​

The Contxto-LatamTech.UK intelligence team

We’ve unveiled a dream team of panelists to unravel the challenges and opportunities set up by our current situation. Nevertheless, even if the challenges are global, the discussion will be centered around the Latin American experience. 

That is why, this coming Tuesday (4), we’ll be hearing from Juan Pedro Córica the Director of Entrepreneurship at Buenos Aires City Government. His job has been to design and implement policies and programs to support, strengthen and disseminate the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Argentine Capital. 

We’ll also learn from Sergio Montero, the Portfolio Manager at StartUp Chile, the world’s first public accelerator and with one of the largest and most diverse startup communities.

As well as from, Paulo Cesar Alvim, Secretary of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation. He’ll discuss his experience managing innovation programs in different sectors of the Brazilian government. 

These high-ranking panelists from Argentina, Brazil, and Chile will uncover the challenges their countries have faced since the pandemic washed over Latin America. But, they will also talk about the best practices, the lessons learned, and delve deeper into the finer points of our local coronavirus experience:

  • How did they manage to avoid the closure of research institutes?
  • How was support for tech and innovation kept from going by the wayside?
  • What has the role of government, academia, and social institutions evolved in the face of pandemic and in protecting innovation?

These and many more questions will be addressed by our three panelists at a webinar. So, mark your calendar on Tuesday, August 4, from 9am to 10am (GMT-5) and rush to register here:

Contxto & Hosting High-level Panels On Covid-19's Effects On Latam
Contxto & LatamTech.UK hosting high-level panels

More Latam intel to come 

But, wait, there’s more… Following next week’s panel, Contxto and LatamTech.UK will host our next high-level discussion panel on Tuesday, August 11. 

Much like the first one—that I assume you’ve already registered for—, this one will also be made up of a group of multicultural and multidisciplinary experts. All of them, truly able to understand the challenge of growing and expanding business in challenging times.

So watch this space for more info, but meanwhile, register for August 4.


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Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News