Contxto – The hardware industry is on the rise in Brazil. Just take a look at our recent Market Map if you think otherwise.

In Summary 

The latest development comes from Darwin Startups in Florianópolis. Founded in 2015, this accelerator recently created the country’s first hardware acceleration program, HARDS.

Understandably, HARDS strives to foster 4.0 industry solutions, energy initiatives, smart cities, IoT, healthtech, as well as other industries. Native early-stage Brazilian companies can apply until August 9 by visiting this site

Followed by interviews will come potential hypothesis validation, acceleration, and of course, the much-anticipated demo day. The program will begin in September. 


Startups that work with Darwin get access to various benefits. These include cloud service, CRMs, marketing tools, legal consultancy, plus other perks. For example, a laboratory will available for developing hardware prototypes. 

Additionally, companies will be able to work with a team of mentors skilled in manufacturing and distribution. Let us not forget the various financial contributions, as well. 

“The benefits range from fundraising support through development bids and tax incentives, to access to prototyping laboratories and to complete infrastructure for manufacturing pilot lots,” said Marcos Buson, director of HARDS.

HARDS is part of a partnership with various agencies. These include CERTI Foundation, the Federation of Industries of the State of Santa Catarina, the National Industrial Apprenticeship Service, and Produza, a company specializing in the creation of electric boards.

Also, the decision to hold the accelerator in Florianópolis was a strategic decision based on the wealth of local opportunities. 

“The Florianópolis ecosystem, the incentives already available at the municipal level, in the state and in the country, as well as the experience in manufacturing world-class circuit boards, make the capital of Santa Catarina the ideal scenario to stimulate hardware startups,” says Carlos Fadul, CEO of Produza.