Finnovista announces fresh batch of startups for Startupbootcamp Scale Fintech in Mexico City

Finnovista Announces Fresh Batch Of Startups For Startupbootcamp Scale Fintech In Mexico City Finnovista Announces Fresh Batch Of Startups For Startupbootcamp Scale Fintech In Mexico City
finnovista announces fresh batch of startups for startupbootcamp scale fintech in mexico city

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Contxto – Finnovista recently revealed during its Selection Days event on November 11 and 12, the startups that will be part of its Startupbootcamp Scale Fintech program in Mexico City . The chosen few were selected because of their high-growth potential and for this, they’ll be the third generation of this initiative.

Since 2017, the program has brought together later-stage startups seeking international expansion, increased revenues, not to mention fundraising and scaling opportunities. Its most recent edition experienced a 27 percent increase in applications compared to last year.

“We are committed to being an ally for the best fintech and insurtech startups, to enable them to achieve growth and expand into Latin American markets,” said Christine Chang, managing director of Startupbootcamp Scale Fintech. 

“The success of prior generations of startups from the program is proof that our methodology works; coupled with the support, mentorship and networking opportunities with key industry players that we present to them.”

Beginning December 9, the following six startups from Argentina, Mexico and Peru will join and engage in the festivities. By the end of the program, they will present their projects to over 200 investors and industry experts at Demo Day in May 2020. 

Ai360 (Mexico) 

Both online real estate analysis and appraisals are Ai360’s specialties. Through the platform, users can identify investment opportunities or make recommendations to investors and developers. To accomplish this, the startup leverage big data to analyze, visualize and prioritize information from multiple sources. 

Apperto (Argentina)

Local info, discounts, digital payments, not to mention the news. These are some features that await users over Apperto’s platform. Aspiring to be a super app, it allows digital citizens to easily navigate through both small and medium-sized Latin American cities. 

Bederr (Peru)

Everybody from collaborators, customers, in addition to brands, can utilize Bederr’s platform to streamline customer retention and loyalty. The system can send personalized communication, event invitations, rewards and manage customer consumption preferences. Likewise, Bederr allows users to segment clients, send notifications, measure campaigns, etc.

Kobra (Mexico) 

Businesses can improve their income through Kobra’s solution. With the platform, clients can request that reliable financial agents specialized in collections processes, visit debtors. These agents then gather valuable information such as verifying the address and documenting the outcome on Kobra’s website. Meanwhile, all this data is visible online for the customer to monitor.

Koibanx (Argentina)

Creating blockchain societies, that’s what Koibanx aspires to achieve. Financial institutions can develop payment ecosystems thanks to Koibanx’s services. These include blockchain payments and services for unbanked customers. Decentralization, transparency, cost-efficiency and security are guaranteed in the process.  

Siembro (Argentina) 

Agriculturalists have unfiltered access to digital financing through Siembro’s platform. Due to this, partners can boost their sales while receiving funds in their accounts in under 24 hours. 


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