Platzi reveals 15 Latin American finalist startups headed for PlatziConf

Contxto – After an intense two-month selection process, Platzi, alongside a team of industry experts ,have selected 15 Latin American startups who emerged from the Platzi Demo Day back in June.

These 15 startups will now go on to a week’s worth of acceleration. On September 22, the selected startups will present their business models to investors, accelerators and companies.

The 15 selected startups were chosen on the basis of their region-specific solutions.

There, one will emerge as the winner at PlatziConf on September 26.

Just another online learning day for Platzi

Without a doubt, Platzi’s online learning ethos was of great help in conducting this event online in the midst of a pandemic.

“Platzi is committed to supporting innovative entrepreneurs in the region as part of its mission to transform Latin America into a digital economy. We are very happy to complete yet another edition of the Platzi DemoDay despite the current difficult circumstances,” said Freddy Vega, CEO of Platzi.

The 15 selected startups come from 5 different countries: Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru. Yet, all of them direct their business models to a wide spectrum of solutions that tackle regional problems.

The winning startup will travel, all expenses paid, to San Francisco to dive deep into the tech ecosystem of Silicon Valley, connect with the best in the industry, accelerate their company, and hold the Latam name up high.

The Platzi finalist startups

For five years, Platzi’s DemoDay has brought together the best startups in Latin America, and now these 15 will join their ranks:


Notifies in real time the status and location of the victim in the event of a traffic accident.

BTC Agent

Brings people closer to the blockchain world.


Studies the consumers of establishments through artificial intelligence tools.

GasGas App

Works through the collaborative community to share experiences about gasoline service stations in Mexico.

Native App

Helps to create applications without having to know how to program.

Panal Fresh

Connects the demand for food products with the supply of small producers.


Digitizes the public and private health of Bolivia and Latin America.


Optimizes tire consumption and reduces a vehicle fleet’s carbon footprint.


Allows the owners and staff of the schools to manage all their processes and positively impact the education of their students.


Helps to reduce violence against women in the streets through an alert button


Helps people who have (or think they have) depression or anxiety, through strategies based on cognitive-behavioral therapy.

My Next Derma

Provides remote dermatological consultations.


Data intelligence services to increase the profitability of solar assets.


Provides companies with the tools to manage their employees’ computers remotely.


Helps scheduled foodservice providers sell more to customers and set up logistics in less than a week.


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