Trade finance refers to the financial products and instruments that facilitate international trade and commerce. Marco’s platform utilizes technology to automate and simplify this process, with the goal of providing more accessible and efficient trade finance solutions to businesses in Latin America.

The region has historically been underserved by traditional financial institutions in terms of trade finance. Marco aims to address this gap by offering its services to companies of various sizes, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The $12 million investment will be used to further develop Marco’s platform and expand its presence in the Latin American market. The company faces challenges such as regulatory compliance, building trust with businesses and investors, and competition from both traditional banks and other fintech startups.

Marco’s focus on supporting SMEs and promoting financial inclusion in Latin America sets it apart from competitors. The company’s success will depend on its ability to navigate the complexities of the trade finance industry and effectively serve the needs of businesses in the region.

The trade finance sector is ripe for disruption, and Marco’s recent funding round positions the company to potentially make a significant impact in the Latin American market. As the startup continues to grow and develop its platform, it will be important to monitor its progress and assess its ability to deliver on its promise of transforming trade finance in the region.