Chunk Foods, The Israeli Plant-Based Meat Startup Expands to Mexico

Founded in 2020, Tel-Aviv-based Chunk Foods has entered into an investment and collaboration agreement with Better Balance, a manufacturer active in Spain and Mexico, to develop and distribute a new range of plant-based, whole-cut “meats.
Chunk Foods, The Israeli Plant-based Meat Startup Expands To Mexico
Chunk Foods The Israeli Plant Based Meat Startup Expands To Mexico

This partnership marks Chunk Foods‘ commitment to the vibrant Mexican market, aiming to offer innovative and delicious plant-based options that cater to local tastes and preferences.

The collaboration underscores the growing global interest in plant-based diets and the potential for innovative products in this segment.

Chunk Foods’ products, made from cultured soy and wheat protein through solid-state fermentation, are designed to meet consumer demands for health, taste, and sustainability.

These products, free from cholesterol, preservatives, additives, GMOs, and keto-friendly, have also secured $7.5 million in seed funding, part of a total $22 million raised, indicating strong investor confidence.

The expansion into Mexico, supported by significant investment and a strategic partnership, highlights the startup’s ambition to innovate within the plant-based food industry globally.

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