– Kamina secures $3.2M to initiate AI-driven financial prevention platform.

  • Plans include expanding into Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Chile by 2025.
  • Developed initial pilot for 1,000 users; full launch expected by June.

    Kamina’s AI platform is set to debut in June, aiming to attract 50,000 users within its first quarter. This move underscores a significant step towards large-scale user engagement through sophisticated AI integration in financial services. Following the pilot phase, which concludes shortly, the company aims to enhance its platform’s capabilities, focusing on user growth and platform stability.

    In the context of regional expansion, Kamina eyes a future fundraising goal ranging from $8 million to $12 million by 2025. The additional capital will support new product features, hiring local teams, and marketing efforts across new markets including Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Chile. This strategy is designed to establish a solid footprint in the Latin American financial tech landscape.

    The genesis of Kamina was deeply personal for founder Jens Thobo-Carlsen, spurred by his father’s tragic death linked to financial stress. This led to the creation of Kamina, co-founded with Fernando Emanuele and Claudia Tobar, to foster financial education and preventive strategies in the region. Their offerings include financial health indexes, forecasting tools, early warning alerts, educational content, and Kami, a virtual financial coach, aiming to mitigate financial distress and improve users’ financial well-being.