5 actionable tips to make customers love your product

5 Actionable Tips To Make Customers Love Your Product 5 Actionable Tips To Make Customers Love Your Product
5 actionable tips to make customers love your product

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Written by: Carolina Zepeda

Contxto – Sometimes just having an amazing and innovative product isn’t enough. As we heard from our latest podcast about “user love” with Christian Van Der Henst from Platzi, getting people to love your product goes beyond its never-before-seen features or uniqueness.

User experience is what makes people love or hate a product. Therefore, the way you position your product and promote your brand on the market must be coherent with the customer experience you’re striving to for.

When a customer likes a product, they will buy it again and make sure to tell people about it. Getting your customers to love your product is a guarantee for success.

5 actionable tips to make customers love your product

Here are five tips that will make customers fall in love with your product:

Know your customers’ wants and needs

Always keep in mind that the purpose of a product is to solve the needs of your customers. Make it useful and essential for them to obtain.

In order to know what they truly want, observe and talk to your existing and potential customers. Get to know them, try to understand their lives, and what they need to make it easier. Market research is a great way to identify what those needs are.

After gathering all that information, start thinking about creative ways to develop a product to solve those needs. If you already have something in mind, check if your product is giving customers what they want. If not, maybe you should consider modifying something to make it even more indispensable.

Be specific about the problem or desire your product solves

While gathering all the information about your customers and their problems or desires, the amount of information can be overwhelming. That’s why targeting a specific need will do just the trick.

This way, you make sure the customer gets exactly what he or she really wants regarding their problem or desire. You also avoid giving them something to solve a variety of different troubles without actually solving any of them.  

The same principle applies to the marketing your product gets. When advertising, be clear and specific about what people will get from buying your product. Focus on what makes it different from others and on how it will make their lives better by solving that specific need or desire.

Make it user-friendly

Remember, it’s all about the experience.

User experience is the key to people either loving or hating your product. Based on how easy it was to use and its effectiveness, people will purchase it again and recommend the product, or not.

In this new era of technology, creating a product with as many futures as possible may seem like the correct way to do it. However, sometimes it can make a product complicated to use, and people don’t like complicated. Always be innovative but simple.

Learning is part of the experience. This means that the user needs to learn how your product works and how to use it. Try making this easy with a simple design and a quick set of instructions.

Customer relationships are key to success

Having a good relationship with your customers is essential to retaining their business, not to mention attracting more.

Consumers like to be listened to and cared for. Give customers a way of getting in touch with you either by email, social media or by phone so they can tell you what they liked or didn’t’ like about your product. Try to build a relationship with them by asking for feedback and showing them that you care.

Creating a good relationship will improve the chances of people loving your product because customer care should be part of what you offer. Always keep in mind that the reason for a product’s existence is to solve a problem or desire, and that involves listening to the people the product is for.

Make sure your product represents what your brand stands for

The way the product is presented to the market will also influence the customer’s perception of it. Branding is the part that takes care of this.

Branding is creating the identity of your product by making a brand that represents what it stands for and everything it has to offer.

A brand always has to be coherent with its products, meaning that the product needs to cover the values and principles the brand is portraying. This way customers can relate themselves to the brand and product and are more likely to buy the product and get what they were expecting.

There’s no doubt that getting people to love your product is essential for your business to thrive, applying this will help you to do so.

Also, if you would like to learn more about how to get customers to love your product, check out the last episode of our podcast Entre Titanes, featuring Platzi.

5 actionable tips to make customers love your product

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