6 legaltech startups from Argentina demystifying law and order

6 Legaltech Startups From Argentina Demystifying Law And Order 6 Legaltech Startups From Argentina Demystifying Law And Order
6 legaltech startups from argentina demystifying law and order

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Contxto – Easy and transparent access to a country’s judicial system is often complex, particularly in Latin America. Legal matters altogether tend to be an esoteric world for many, inherently confusing and difficult to navigate on purpose, or so it seems. 

Yet when life happens and legal action is necessary, what do you do if you don’t have the slightest idea of where to start? Whether it be divorce, inheritance, or homeownership, sometimes duty calls. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, these six legaltech startups are making access to legal representation easier than ever before. 

6 Legaltech Startups From Argentina Demystifying Law And Order

OnLegal (Buenos Aires)

Creating your own legal documents or contracts is easy with OnLegal. The platform is easily customizable with its step-by-step guides. Being digital, these forms can be accessed anywhere in the world. Besides this, users can also consult lawyers or register trademarks over the platform. 

Meeting the needs of many families and businesses, one user says, “OnLegal is almost an internal lawyer of our company, we make the contracts to our liking, we review them, and we can also choose with which lawyer to make the consultations.”

CONEXIONES (Buenos Aires)

Also known as LITISNET, CONEXIONES is the first platform in Latin America to provide online access to court records. With this company, litigation costs go down by 45 percent, making it a great resource in case you need case files or docket information.

Cases range from civil, labor and administrative. Additionally, there is the Judicial Locker feature to receive electronic ID cards throughout Argentina. There is also Judicial Liquidations to calculate lawsuits or update sentences. 

LegalSí (Buenos Aires)

Users chat with the Leyla bot over LegalSí’s platform to receive lawyer recommendations. Common legal cases range from divorce settlements, transit infractions, visa issues, as well as food-related cases. 

On the crowdsourcing side of things, LegalSí also provides a base for lawyers to make a living. Some of the benefits include reduced office expenses, building an online reputation, and convenient payment installments. 

Signatura (Buenos Aires)

Blockchain-certified e-signatures is what Signatura has to offer, making it a very reliable and modern method of digitally certifying documents. There are two products that achieve this, the first being a standardized blockchain-backed signature platform. This fulfills all of your essential e-signature needs.

For more advanced users is the “Core Signature” product that provides more blockchain-powered tools to companies. With this comes the ability to track metrics and view statistics over the blockchain, for example. 

Dretlaw (Cordoba) 

Known as “software for lawyers,” aspiring abogados can resort to Dretlaw to pursue their legal studies. Everything is fully manageable on a cloud, making it possible to access materials on a desktop, mobile device, etc. 

Quolaw (Buenos Aires)

This web-based SaaS allows law firms and self-practicing lawyers to manage their practice online. With Quolaw, legal officials can effectively tailor their needs, whether that be invoice clients, receive alerts when files are updated, schedule meetings, etc. 

All of this is done remotely and helps lower overhead costs for lawyers, regardless of their respective practice. Although vlex from Spain acquired this startup, it is originally from Buenos Aires.

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