Contxto – Over the past year, we have covered hundreds of Y Combinator Latin American startups, proudly wearing the pedigree that comes from one of the world’s best-known accelerators.

Based in Mountain View, California, this company has supported over 2,000 ventures since 2005, collaborating with over 4,000 founders. As you’re about to see, dozens of these companies hail from Latin America. 

So, without any further ado, these are all of the YC Latin American startups that have worked with the accelerator over the years. Thanks to the exposure, the program has certainly served as a spring-board for many. Take a look!

Disclaimer: This market map isn’t all-inclusive. Some Latin American startups preferred to remain undisclosed regarding their participation in Y Combinator.

Mexico in YC


A Netflix for Latin American audiobook lovers, if you will. Beek is the largest book review site in the region with 34-times more Spanish reviews than Amazon. The website offers more than 250,000 audiobooks with a subscription. For easy access, subscribers can even listen to titles while offline. 


Not only is Delee a biotech company, but also a medical automation startup. In the health realm, it can accurately detect and diagnose viable tumor cells from blood samples. Furthermore, its system can also aid in prognosis and personalized cancer therapies. This startup also focuses on research, as its oncology line can effectively analyze cancer and human tissue engineering.    


Providing tickets and concessions, Livement is the platform bringing stadiums and fans together. All the while, it makes the customer experience friendlier. Stadiums can better organize their tasks and activities by creating websites as well as mobile apps. Here, ticket purchasing and on-demand food delivery to the client’s seat and indoor directions are also available. There’s also pre-paid parking, not to mention real-time data and sales reports.


Looking to serve the visually-impaired, this startup created the Sunu Band. As an award-winning smartwatch, the device heightens the senses, facilitating mobility and overall helps users with poor eyesight be more alert. This is possible through “sonar echolocation.” As a result, this gadget informs users of an object’s proximity. Ultimately, Sunu Band prevents accidents and improves the lives of people with limited eyesight. 


Democratizing the diagnostics industry for patients is what Unima seeks to achieve. Through its device, a simple drop of blood or even a picture can result in rapid diagnosis, allegedly ready within 15 minutes. Based on the website, this is possible with just one dollar. Now, anybody can have access to a quick diagnosis, regardless of the equipment available or wealth.


Following its merger with Yellow to launch Grow, Grin’s e-scooters are promoting micromobility in Latin America. Although it has had a bumpy road with authorities in Mexico, the company’s software manages a network of electric scooters throughout the region. At the moment, it’s operating in Mexico, Chile, Brazil as well as Peru and Colombia.


Bright provides universal and fair access to solar energy for Mexicans. By combining top-notch technology, funding from Silicon Valley, in conjunction with Mexican talent and opportunities, Bright has managed to provide an affordable energy system. 

Eva Tech

FDA-approved, Eva Tech empowers women to take care of themselves with its non-invasive technology to detect breast cancer. When visiting an Eva clinic, patients will encounter a digital electromagnetic radiation imaging device. The apparatus will detect differences in skin temperature around the breast area, which can be an indicator of an anomaly. However, it’s important to mention that Eva’s methods do not in any way replace mammographies or other clinical examinations.  

Runa HR

Runa is a cloud-based software system that helps companies in Latin America speed up and simplify payroll. The software can calculate payroll and enables business owners to make payments directly to any bank through the app. In addition, making receipts and invoice management is also possible via Runa. 


WithFriends is a cultural marketplace where fans become supporting members of your city’s artistic community. With a US$9 subscription, members can reportedly grow their income by 40 percent. In the process, both the local music and art scene can continue to remain alive, creative and diverse. 


Calii is a marketplace that facilitates producer to end-consumer sales in Latin America. Generally speaking, the retail industry is dominated by middlemen. Keeping this in mind, Calii simplifies this process by connecting individual consumers with producers. By doing so, costs can be reduced by up to 80 percent.


Pronto is a pioneering platform in Mexico that connects passengers directly to private drivers. Thanks to its system, drivers get fair wages while passengers pay lower fares. It’s a win-win for everybody. Through Pronto, drivers can keep 100 percent of their earnings without paying any commission or service fees. They’re only charged a monthly subscription. 


Flinto is here to make payments easier for people in Latin America. Through the app, users can send or request money with friends. On top of this, there’s the option of paying utility bills on the platform. Despite bank accounts not being necessary, the only thing users need to do is create an account for the app. With Flinto, all personal and banking information is safely encrypted by international standards.


Skydrop is a logistics company specializing in last-mile deliveries. The startup links a fleet of delivery personnel with individuals and businesses. Both local and courier products are all available for delivery with Skydrop. For optimal financial incentives, clients can save up to 70 percent when using it. This startup has partnerships with UPS and RedPack. 


Belonging to the healthcare industry, Vitau is an online pharmacy for patients with chronic conditions. This smart pharmacy makes sure clients receive their monthly doses of medicine. Plus, it makes insurance refunds. 

Alana Jobs

This marketplace system unites job seekers and potential employers. Those on the hunt for employment can view job openings and apply straight from their phone. Meanwhile, the app selects potential candidates for employers. If there’s an interest in contacting that candidate, the applicant’s profile gets a ‘like.’ As employers use the platform more frequently, the app’s algorithm system can identify candidates with greater precision.


Kuarti is here to ease the process of booking a reservation at any standard hotel in Mexico. Travelers can enjoy their trip knowing that any reservation made through the platform means that their room will be in perfect condition. Not only that, but it guarantees a digital entertainment system and toiletries. Great for those on business trips, reservations also come with coffee, desk and high-speed.internet.


A digital insurance agent at the tip of your fingers is what Covela offers. This insurtech aids SMEs in reviewing and comparing various insurance options integrated over one system. Businesses looking to acquire an insurance policy can filter their search based on industry as well as needs. The system offers quotes and even allows you to manage the insurance policies you acquire.

Flux QR

Really, a gadget that enables you to make secure payments through your phone? It’s possible thanks to Flux QR. With Flux, the device makes every smartphone capable of sending electronic payments to any business. So, you can leave both your credit cards and cash at home. 


Algorithms and AI are what empower Nowports to offer a digital freight forwarding agent. Thanks to Nowports, partners more effectively plan and manage cargo. Forwarders, customs, as well as shippers, can be greatly relieved through its instant notification system. Nowports also offers shipment details by the vendor, product and route.

Puerto Rico in YC


Some patients require help 24/7. So, when a doctor or clinic needs a round the clock digital assistant, BrainHi is the startup to call. Through its automated receptionist, patients’ questions can be answered anytime. This makes healthcare more efficient by leaving staff free to take on other responsibilities.

Panama in YC


This startup aspires to make e-commerce easier than ever before. Through Cuanto’s app, small business owners register a bank account to complete transactions. Meanwhile, customers complete their payments using a link via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, among others. Simple, yet effective.

Venezuela in YC


Coco offers Venezuelans remittances in the form of food. In other words, expats from abroad can select a grocery combo from Coco’s online catalog. Proceeding this, the startup takes over and ensures the goods are shipped to their family back home within 24 to 48 hours. This startup currently delivers to 17 locations throughout Venezuela, but the company promises there’s more coverage to come.

Peru in YC


If a small, quick loan is needed, Apurata can help. Just fill out an online form, validate your identification and provide the corresponding bank account information. Apurata will quickly analyze the request, and within 30 minutes, approved borrowers will have the cash in their account. All without having to leave home. As users become frequent payers, Apurata enables access to better loan terms.


As documents go digital, the need for e-signatures and fraud prevention increases. In this spirit, Keynua helps validates a user’s identity and verify transactions. Because in the end, going paperless is the future and Keynua can help businesses get there.

Uruguay in YC


Has it ever happened to you that you make a reservation at a restaurant, it isn’t booked and you wind up waiting for a table? Meitre understands how this pain point hits restaurants and diners alike. So to enhance the experience for both parties, this startup provides a booking system for customers. Meanwhile, cooks and restaurant managers can better prepare since the system can analyze and predict demand.

Colombia in YC


Originally, the model focused on the use of unmanned aircraft. These drones captured visual information in your field of view to convert it into tangible data for businesses. In 2018, its US$118 million funding burned. Once its operations stopped, Delair acquired it, mostly for the infrastructure.


This SaaS is a connection point between domestic employees, homes, in addition to SMBs. Concisely, this platform allows both businesses and households to hire cleaners. It even calculates the domestic employee’s liquidation at the end of the assignment.


While Platzi doesn’t need much of an introduction, the online school teaches design, marketing, in addition to coding, online. You can learn more about them in our podcast Entre Titanes where it shares the importance of making your users love your product.


Representing the only Colombian unicorn on the list, needless to say, Rappi is a last-mile delivery app for groceries, cash, clothing, food, etc. Determined to become a super app, the company continues to crank out new features and products for users.


This Colombian e-wallet allows users to make payments, shop, withdraw, as well as transfer money.


Fresh out of the oven, this one-year-old startup provides an interface for fast and efficient background checks. For efficient results, companies have a better and more detailed panorama about customers. At the end of the day, this ensures business security.


Tributi is an automated data compiler for filing and declaring taxes in Latin America. Often complex, this service simplifies the tax filing process to provide healthier and easier ways to monitor finances. 


Simetrik guarantees business efficiency through control and visibility for both internal and external purposes. In turn, companies can solidify operations, potentially finding inconsistencies in the handling of information. This is achieved with their software that extracts, cleans and normalizes transactions for more accurate reports.


With operations in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil, Frubana is an intermediary agent connecting farmers with local retailers, as well as major supply chains. This way, it promotes the economy of local producers and consumers by facilitating the logistics process and reducing commissions for third-party intermediaries. 


This startup is a digital school that employs industry experts to train business employees. With more than 30,000 collaborators, Ubits’ courses range from leadership, sales, customer service, software management, among others.


If dogs and cats had thumbs and cell phones, Laika would be a must-have. This platform offers total satisfaction in products and services for your animal friends. Ranging from food, medicine, accessories, in addition to toys, their inventory is always growing. More so, Laika also acts as an intermediary for animal services, such as training, walks, transportation, photography, and even funeral services. 


Valiu understands the needs of Latin Americans who support their families from a distance. With a focus on Venezuela, it functions as a facilitator of electronic money transfers in Latin America with the promise of immediacy and accessibility. 


Known as a digital support platform, Treble makes it easier for companies to receive feedback via SMS and WhatsApp. Although its model is similar to Zendesk, the difference involves being more focused on mobile messaging instead of desktop and web applications.

Tranqui Finanzas

This startup works with company employees and payroll departments to ensure healthier financial planning. Since everything is tailored to employees’ preferences, Tranqui Finanzas retains a portions of employees’ income to achieve their proposed goals. Common goals range from debt payment, economic performance, savings, investment and credit history improvement.

Ecuador in YC

Partners collaborate with to develop delivery apps. Using cloud-based software, stores can access their accounts from anywhere. This way, they can effectively manage their inventories. Uber Eats and Rappi have even integrated the system into operations.  

Chile in YC


Serving as an online investment broker, Fintual offers users various funds based on the investor’s liking to risk. The portfolio can be composed of various big-name companies like Amazon and Google, as well as government-issued bonds.

Brazil in YC


E-commerce site Glio links buyers and sellers at affordable prices. Besides optimal rates, it also guarantees great customer service. 

Pro Player

Sports enthusiasts have access to courses and plenty of sports events through the Pro Plater platform. It is reportedly Brazil’s first educational platform for the e-sport market.

Quero Education 

Are you pursuing a college education in Brazil? Well, fortunately for you, Quero Education has a solution. Meaning “I want an education” in Portuguese, the platform is a search engine specifically made for scholarships. Students can then save money on expensive tuition. 


Comparing and contrasting the most optimal payday loans just got a lot less cumbersome with bxblue. Much of this solution entails consolidating all of your loan information in one place. What this means is higher levels of organization, not to mention fewer late payments. 


Simple, cheap and safe is how Kovi describes itself. The used-car marketplace promises not only no bureaucracy but low commissions and reliable car models. Not long ago, this startup raised major funding with SoftBank to scale its services.  


Feedback, performance reviews, goal-setting, one-on-ones, not to mention development plans. Companies seeking to grow end up using this platform to streamline leadership roles. Its software fosters transparency, in addition to direct communication between employees and their employers. 


Drivers working for transportation apps like Uber and DiDi have access to reliable vehicle loans with Zippi. Distributing loans according to income, the startup offers flexibility to borrowers. Fortunately for drivers, interest rates are affordable, not to mention no hidden fees. If you pay in advance, you also end up paying less interest. Cash gets distributed within 24 hours. 


Companies planning corporate events have a major solution with InEvent. Whether to manage or promote engagement, the platform consolidates every step of the process. Over 300 companies have worked with the startup, making everything from event registration all the way to analytics a piece of cake. 

Argentina in YC


Based in Buenos Aires, this proptech permits users to both sell and buy properties, providing rapid liquidity solutions to many. Some properties offer 360 tours as well as other multimedia content. Everything from the home appraisal to closeout is administered through the platform. 

Epic Aerospace

Still in the beginning stages, this startup is well on its way to becoming a “space transportation network.” 

Emi Labs 

As an HRtech, Emi Labs assists clients with their recruitment needs. To accomplish this, the startup uses AI and provides “personal engagement” at scale through its bot system. Due to this, clients can make the hiring process more efficient. Not only does it increase recruiter productivity, but also provides a more positive experience to candidates. 


All you need is a Google Sheet to develop an app over Glide. According to its website, users can create fully-functioning platforms in about five minutes. Even better, the service is free. Since it doesn’t require any coding, no previous programming knowledge is necessary. 

The Podcast App 

If you’re shopping around for your next podcast to obsess over, then look no further. With the Podcast App, users have instantaneous access to a catalog of more than 550,000 shows and 40 million episodes. That’s a lot of variety. Even better, no sign-in is required.


Propose, debate, not to mention vote. That’s the magic combination over DemocracyOS’ platform. This free software allows users to advocate for issues that they’re most passionate about, all while mobilizing support for certain causes. For inclusion, it’s also available in multiple languages. 


Users can easily sync data from various platforms thanks to Simperium’s solution. In turn, customers can move data quickly, efficiently and automatically, wherever that may be necessary. This way, all of your mobile, web and desktop apps are always within easy reach. 


In a world in great need of software developers, Microverse is here to prepare them. This online platform teaches users to code and become full-stack developers in just six to eight months. Plus, the startup’s full-time program also covers workflows and team collaboration.

– Contxto Team (JA, ML, CM, CZ)