Fitness and wellness startups from Brazil (beta)

fitness and wellness startups from brazil (beta)
fitness and wellness startups from brazil (beta)

Contxto – Are you part of an HR team and want to make your employees feel more comfortable—and if anything more productive? Has quarantine made you feel unproductive? Have you gained weight? Do you want to change your eating habits and your routine?

If you said yes to any of the above, this Market Map is for you. Sure these are startups from Brazil, but the truth is that this South American country is the master of both health and wellness, as well as global and regional expansion in this sector.

It doesn’t matter if you are from Mexico, Argentina, or Ireland, you most likely have access to the services of one or more fitness and wellness startups from Brazil.

fitness and wellness startups from brazil (beta)

Startup missing?

Fitness and wellness startups in Brazil

The diversity of this sector is extensive. You can find everything from corporate startups, to training apps, personal development, and physical education.

In fact, the “wellness” vertical is so broad that we already have a Market Map about mental health in Brazil.

Brazilian fitness startups

In this case, we are referring primarily to physical health—which is closely tied to mental health, we know. But in this case, the startups we are seeing are primarily focused on exercise, physical education, and nutrition.

It is interesting to see how the most dominant business model is business-to-business (B2B). The story of Brazil’s most famous fittech, Gympass, explains why this is the case.

Brazilian wellness startups

One could say that wellness is the bridge that connects physical and mental health. It’s a bit like yoga—to which many of these apps allow their users to access.

Consider, for example, OMMBe, a marketplace where you can find a network of professionals that practice various types of therapy throughout Brazil.

And then there is, which allows its users to transform their bodies by creating good physical, mental and nutritional habits.


Translated by Alejandra Rodríguez

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