Contxto – We’ve got a three-part split in this logistics and mobility Market Map: 

Logistics And Mobility In Colombia (beta)

Is a startup missing?

Logistics and mobility in Colombia

Last-mile delivery

Since this is Colombia we’re talking about we’ve got to start with where the country is king: last-mile delivery. But, it isn’t just because of Colombia’s only unicorn, the erstwhile delivery startup-com-super app, Rappi. With a diverse market consisting of over 16 startups ranging from couriers specialized in food, last-mile, bulky, and even robotic delivery, Colombia seems set to get virtually anything a customer could ever want.

Logistics software

This is an interesting niche and a growing market. Imagine this sector as being the control tower that allows you to trace any and all of your products. This can happen at different levels, whether they be on the streets or in the form of internal enterprise resource planning (ERP). Remember, if it ain’t real-time, you’re wasting your time.


A battlefield of a sector with a strong Colombian showing. They have to compete with the likes of Uber and Lime (but, I repeat myself), so these startups have diversified to tackle different commuting substrata, from motorcycles, scooters, and bikes, to high-line corporate taxis and buses. 

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