Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

6 Santiago marketplace startups solving day to day inconveniences

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – In my opinion, one of the greatest beauties of startup ecosystems is the way founders creatively solve mundane problems.

I admire how bright entrepreneurs can identify a problem, create a profitable solution, and at the same time, provide job opportunities to a large part of the population.

This is the case for marketplace startups in the so-called “sharing economy.”

Through the sharing model, these startups empower people to be autonomous workers. For instance, workers define their availability, therefore providing services on their own terms.

Chile, or as the media calls it, “Chillecon Valley,” stands out as one of Latin America’s top tech hubs. Startups from around the world flock to the South American country every year to work with the country’s acclaimed acceleration program, Startup-Chile.

The following six startups are great examples of Santiaguinos companies solving day-to-day problems while stimulating the economy.


As a dog lover, there’s no way I could miss out on Duko. They connect dog owners with dog walkers, so your furry friend can enjoy a nice walk or ball throwing session while you’re at work. Even if you go on a trip, you can hire someone to feed your pets or take them out for a walk for a fixed amount of time.


They connect clothing vendors with potential buyers. Sellers can register their original brands and products, in addition to selling second-hand items. Buyers have access to great and varied fashion options, so they can discover and start following artists that design clothes of their interest or style.


If you’re one of those subscription-box junkies, Kokomo is right for you.

Kokomo connects retail sellers with product subscribers. As a distributor, you sign up on the platform, upload your product and consumers register for periodic deliveries. Kokomo is responsible for advertising, collection, logistics and dispatch.


It has a community of 25,000 families and 15,000 connected babysitters. Alba takes babysitting to another level while the parental units are out. Need to take care of your family while you earn the daily bread? Look for a babysitter on Alba. Do you want to work as a nanny? Pass Alba’s background check and await your first assignment.


Boosmap facilitates the delivery of goods through its platform connecting digital stores, supermarkets and retail vendors with a fleet of delivery boys. Baptized as Boosters, the delivery boys in the city pick up packages and deliver them right to the customer.

Bonus Santiaguino startups worth talking about


If you have no idea how to handle social media advertising campaigns, Uanbai makes it easy for you to design and execute operations on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Pinterest. Connecting sellers and consumers on social media, Uanbai catalyzes business growth and reachability by digitalizing your marketing efforts for you, and connecting potential customers to your products.


Of course, there are other Latin American problem solvers working as intermediaries or offering exceptional goods and services. However, the previous companies are just a few innovators to keep an eye on.

If you are thinking about starting a project, maybe some of these ideas have been useful. Hopefully, now you want to join the ecosystem of geniuses making the world a less complicated place.


César Miramontes
Communications and digital media bachelor. Multimedia Manager at Contxto. I'm the proud producer of our podcasts "Entre Titanes", "En Contxto" and the soon to come "Contxto Futurismo". However, I believe my major contribution here is to remember the Wi-Fi password...


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