Contxto – When we talk about Latin American entrepreneurship, perhaps the most common denominators are Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Mexico.

Although these countries are making a great impact throughout the region, there are other countries worthy of recognition as well as praise.

Such is the case of Peru, which has been demonstrating solid technological growth and startup investments since 2016 – growing by 63 percent.

Therefore, the following Market Map presents the top eight startups from Lima, Peru. Together, they are diversifying Latin America’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Top 8 Lima Startups Market Map


Crehana is an online training platform for creative and digital professionals in Latin America and Spain. With more than 500 courses ranging from design to coding, the startup facilitates learning in a cost-effective way.


Laboratoria transforms the lives of women with little education or economic capability to work in the tech industry. To incorporate women into the field, this company provides an intensive bootcamp that gives participants the tools for success. By the end, graduates have the potential to pursue their dreams.

Mi Media Manzana:

Within the online dating world, Mi Media Manzana facilitates the search for potential partners. What this Peruvian startup wants to achieve is compliance with users while maintaining its credibility.


This tech startup specializes in web and mobile development. Chazki’s platform was designed to improve the logistics and delivery of shipping for businesses and consumers. All of this is achieved through top-notch GPS tracking.


Culqi is an online payment processor overseeing web payments for users and companies. As a fintech platform, it expedites the payment process for subscribers who can accept payments in a variety of ways. These range from websites, mobile apps, chatbot, web pages, plus many more.


Fitco is a growth catalyst software for sports and fitness centers. Not only does it assist with administrative management, but it uses real-time technology to showcase the most updated figures. Everything from access control to point of sales is automatic, which is a huge convenience for partners.


This fintech startup is trying to implement cryptocurrencies into daily financial tasks. With nine different currencies, Bitinka offers payment solutions to anybody and everybody.

Space Ag:

Space Ag creates innovative solutions for the agricultural sector, especially in terms of crop management. The tech startup uses drones equipped with thermal cameras to capture footage of crops. Eventually, all of this is turned into data. Thanks to their AI, the group creates a better panorama for farmers to make more informed decisions based on facts rather than speculations.

To conclude, the Peruvian entrepreneurial ecosystem is still developing and working hard to reach the same level of impact as its competitors. Nonetheless, these eight startups prove that talent is flourishing in Lima. Hopefully, this inspires other entrepreneurs to launch a startup in Peru.