Contxto – News surfaced last Wednesday that Alana Jobs, the marketplace matching workers and employers in the service and hospitality industry, closed an investment round from DILA Capital.

In Summary

Recruitment can be burdensome for both job seekers and employers. To remedy this, Alana assists restaurant and hospitality workers to find local employment. At the same time, it helps employers hire qualified candidates quickly and efficiently.

While the investment amount and valuation remain unclear, we contacted DILA Capital to learn more about this deal.

“We are very impressed with the Alana team and its ability to create a sophisticated and useful product for both companies and users,” said Alejandro Diez Barroso, managing partner of DILA Capital.

“With more than 20 million people rehired annually in the restaurant, hotel and retail sectors in Latin America, DILA realizes that Alana has a huge market opportunity in front of them. The team proves that the product is suitable for employers of large, medium and small companies. We are excited to see the progress of Alana in the following years.”


Ignacio Martínez, Rafael Leon and Daniel Bernardez founded the company. Specifically, the inspiration behind Alana Jobs came from their personal restaurant backgrounds. All three of them have always wanted to improve the hiring process and employee retention rate.

“With our experience in Venezuela and our time here in Mexico, we have discovered that it is extremely difficult for companies to find quality employees,” said Ignacio Martinez, CEO of Alana Jobs. “It’s also very costly when they leave.”

In Mexico, the high turnover rate of employees in the hospitality industry can be devastating for companies. For job seekers, there has never been a solution-based platform to help match skills or personality to a career, either. Moreover, the job location is barely taken into consideration.

Because of this, oftentimes applicants accept jobs that are either too far away or unsuitable. They accept the role simply because they need the funds, only to leave once they find an alternative.

All in all, this can be a vicious cycle that will continue without adequate solutions. Fortunately, Alana improves the process by matching job seekers with appropriate employers.

“We are building Alana to solve this problem,” said Martinez. “We look forward to partnering with DILA to make sure we can scale our value proposition to millions of users.”

alana jobs raises undisclosed funding from dila capital