Cemex Ventures is driving sustainability in construction with a strategic investment in the startup Vizcab

Cemex Ventures strategically invests in Vizcab, a French startup revolutionizing sustainability in construction with its carbon footprint platform.
Cemex Ventures
Photo: Cemex

Cemex Ventures, the corporate venture capital (CVC) and open innovation unit of Cemex, has taken a significant step in its commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the construction industry by announcing a strategic investment in Vizcab. This French startup is revolutionizing the way carbon footprint is addressed in buildings.

Vizcab, founded in Lyon in 2015 by Thomas Jusselme and Guillaume Lafont, has gained recognition in construction due to its data-driven approach to calculating the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of buildings. Their comprehensive digital platform provides developers, architects, engineers, and construction professionals a complete view of a building’s carbon footprint throughout its lifecycle.

This platform goes beyond measuring the operational emissions of buildings; it encompasses carbon embedded in construction materials to operational emissions, allowing key industry players to compare materials and construction practices, establish sustainability strategies, automate lifecycle assessments, measure performance, and gain a comprehensive view of scope three emissions.

Currently, Vizcab serves over 120 clients and has over 2,000 users across the construction value chain. Additionally, it integrates with various digital construction tools such as Buildrz, Saqara, or Revit, making it easily adaptable to large-scale construction projects.

Gonzalo Galindo, director of Cemex Ventures, emphasized the significance of this investment by stating:

“Vizcab’s comprehensive solution enables collaboration among different stakeholders to manage carbon strategies throughout the lifecycle of a project, a critical challenge in our complex and interconnected industry. This investment reinforces our commitment to sustainable construction and our decarbonization goals.”

Cemex Ventures’ investment in Vizcab also aligns with the platform’s vision to promote the construction of more sustainable buildings in compliance with stricter environmental regulations, such as France’s “RE 2020.” This collaboration reinforces the Green Construction investment pillar of Cemex Ventures, reaffirming Cemex’s continuous commitment to innovation and sustainability in the construction industry.

With this strategic investment, Cemex, the renowned Mexican cement company, strengthens its position as a driver of digital solutions in the construction industry. This investment represents not only a step forward in the quest for more sustainable and efficient construction practices but also contributes to the revolution in addressing the industry’s environmental impact.

With its extensive history in the construction sector and its commitment to innovation and sustainability, Cemex has become a strategic ally of Vizcab in its mission to transform the construction industry toward a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach.

Cemex Ventures’ investment in Vizcab exemplifies how large companies can join forces with innovative startups to drive industry change and progress toward a more sustainable future. In a world where sustainability has become a global priority, this collaboration promises to be a significant step in the right direction. With the commitment of both parties, it is expected that the construction industry worldwide will continue to evolve toward more environmentally responsible practices with a reduced impact on climate change.

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