Contxto – What began as a cleaning platform to connect domestic workers with jobs in Guadalajara, Mexico has evolved into a holistic service for laborers to obtain work formalities.

Based on its success formalizing the private cleaning industry in the capital of Jalisco, Mi Dulce Hogar is finally expanding. According to recent reports, now the startup plans to launch operations to Mexico City, and potentially, across Latin America.

In Summary

Founded in 2015 by CEO Estefanía Hernández, this female-led startup allows clients to “outsource” common household tasks. Flexible and on-demand, Mi Dulce Hogar has transformed Guadalajara’s gig economy with its technology. Even more, its support for workers’ rights has been unprecedented.

Since its founding, the app has secured more than 28,000 work placements in its home city alone. Around 65 percent of these jobs have even turned into recurring assignments, providing financial security for many. The most common tasks involve cleaning residential or office spaces.


Mi Dulce Hogar strives to protect domestic workers from workplace exploitation, placing special emphasis on one’s well-being in an unregulated industry. That’s to say, sometimes employers hire personnel but don’t follow through on their fiscal obligations.

These financial responsibilities range from providing tax documents, health assistance or retirement pensions.

At the same time, the startup is promoting the integration of women into the formal economy. The fact of the matter is that around 80 percent of contracted household workers are female, according to the International Labor Organization.

Many women experience hardships on job sites, ranging from wage theft to gender-based discrimination.

With that said, every registered worker on the Mi Dulce Hogar app can obtain an array of benefits. Legal representation, life insurance, microcredit, as well as English classes, are some amenities the startup offers. All of these compensate for the lack of government-imposed working rights available in Mexico.

Additionally, CEO and founder Estefanía Hernández is becoming known as one of the few female tech-oriented executives in Mexico. Based on her leadership, the company has created an intuitive platform that guarantees reliable work but also data protection and information sharing. Even criminal background checks are available.


Considering that there are more than 18 million domestic workers in Latin America and the Caribbean, there’s no denying that this service is crucial to preventing workplace abuses from occurring.

Moreover, last year Forbes Mexico named Mi Dulce Hogar as one of the 30 startups to look out for. In light of the startup’s continual success, I imagine that we’re only going to see more positive developments in the near future.