Eva Tech is expanding its EVA Centers with investment for more timely breast cancer diagnostics

Eva Tech Is Expanding Its Eva Centers With Investment For More Timely Breast Cancer Diagnostics Eva Tech Is Expanding Its Eva Centers With Investment For More Timely Breast Cancer Diagnostics
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Contxto – Companies that can help patients better understand their health have been quite popular among investors as of late. But this time around, it’s not a telemedicine startup that’s closed funding.

Eva Tech—a Mexican startup developing solutions to detect breast cancer on time—recently raised an investment round.

The YC startup had previously closed US$5 million in 2018.

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Eva Tech’s pivot and plans

The startup was originally “put on the map” around three years ago thanks to the development of a bra that uses thermal technology and artificial intelligence to detect potential tumors. 

However, in a recent interview, Eva’s co-Founder and CEO, Julián Ríos stated that the startup has changed its focus.

Rather than a one product per person-type approach, it’s developed a solution to expand its reach and hopefully save more lives through the early detection of breast cancer.

Its specially-designed cabins—dubbed Eva Centers—can be placed basically anywhere: a healthcare clinic, a park, a shopping mall. Thus, increasing the possibility of helping more women.

The cabin uses infrared light to take a thermal image of a person’s breasts and the procedure is reportedly completed in 10 minutes. Unlike a mammography, there’s no radiation involved, nor compressing of tissue. So it’s less invasive for the patient too. 

The 21-year old entrepreneur says that the startup’s shift is due to the fact that these cabins could make impact more lives than the bra.

Another product the startup rolled out is a health insurance package for women should they receive a positive diagnosis for breast, ovarian, or cervical cancer.

It also launched a remote consulting platform dubbed “Segunda Opinión” where patients can talk to a team of Eva’s oncologists to better understand their diagnosis and thus get “a second opinion.”

2020 Eva investment

Contxto received confirmation from Ríos that the healthtech closed an investment this year. Nonetheless, we’re still digging into the deets as to who’s participating and for how much the round totaled. But once we learn more, we’ll update this post.

In any case, the startup has hinted as to what its upcoming priority is.

“We’ve now entered a phase wherein we don’t want to provide more services but rather optimize those which we already provide,” says Ríos.

To that, I’d speculate it will also open additional Eva Centers in more locations throughout Mexico.

Once we learn more, we’ll let you know. So don’t be a stranger.

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