Mexican marketplace now helps disinfect homes of Covid-19

mexican marketplace now helps disinfect homes of covid-19
mexican marketplace now helps disinfect homes of covid-19

Contxto – Mexican marketplace startup, Mi Dulce Hogar, is taking the Covid-19 pandemic in stride. Despite a drop in requests for its services, it recently launched new offerings and even plans to scale.

At the moment, it only operates in Guadalajara and Mexico City. However, it will launch into more parts of the country and may even make its first international expansion into Colombia, given the similarities between the two markets. 

Startups like Mi Dulce Hogar will be greatly needed considering the uncertainty that people who work in domestic service face. Both because of the pandemic, and the inbound economic recession.

Lean, mean, and uber clean

Some product pivots or new features are easier to handle than others. In Mi Dulce Hogar’s case, expanding on household cleaning to offer disinfecting services brings its own set of unique challenges. 

From training staff on how to protect themselves as they go about their duties, to acquiring hand sanitizer, face masks, as well as the special disinfecting products for these workers. Moreover, as part of its new sanitation protocol, its staff is also required to attend a weekly medical checkup.

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Mi Dulce Hogar experienced a 40 percent drop in demand for household cleanings with the coronavirus outbreak. 

Although it’s not surprising as more individuals stay home, they want to reduce person-to-person contact. As a result, they’re less open to having a stranger from the outside entering their home.

Correspondingly, Mi Dulce Hogar has adapted. Besides the aforementioned sanitation protocol and disinfecting services, it’s selling special cleaning products for businesses and homes. It even launched a prepaid feature.

Mi Dulce Hogar, Covid, and socially-conscious startups

What sets Mi Dulce Hogar apart from other marketplace startups like Uber Eats and Rappi is that its domestic workers have social security benefits. Likewise, they’re enrolled in language-learning programs. 

For this startup, it’s not just about providing a service and keeping its customers happy. It’s also focused on ensuring its staff is looked after too. Something this segment of the population greatly needs too as domestic workers are often discriminated against. 

Mi Dulce Hogar helps keep homes and offices tidy, but more importantly, it’s raising awareness on the value and integrity of domestic work.

Now more than ever do we need startups that give them a place to work, grow, and prosper.

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