Peak Season Boosts CDMX Online Orders by 105%

Sales achieve 500 million pesos, challenges in urban delivery tackled.
Brazilian Ecommerce Startup  Shopper Raises R$10 Million Brazilian Ecommerce Startup  Shopper Raises R$10 Million
brazilian ecommerce startup shopper raises r$10 million

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Tranciti, a shipment monitoring software, shared insights into this significant e-Commerce trend.

Mexico City’s Online Order Boom
The last two months of 2023 were challenging yet rewarding for e-Commerce businesses of all sizes and categories, with the festive season playing a pivotal role. Tranciti reports that package deliveries in Mexico City soared, with sales closing at over 500 million pesos. Gonzalo Fuenzalida Zegers, Co-Founder and Commercial Director of Tranciti, emphasized the critical role of last-mile delivery during this peak season.

Last-Mile Delivery Challenges in Mexico City
Considering Mexico City’s high urbanization, delivering packages and online orders poses a unique challenge. Analysis of last-mile logistics reveals that the slowest delivery times occur between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM, with a maximum speed of 27 km/h. The busiest delivery times span from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, making morning deliveries 10% faster than in the afternoon. Tuesdays and Thursdays before noon are identified as the most efficient days for deliveries.

AI: A Key Ally in Shipment Logistics
Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various business aspects, significantly benefiting last-mile companies. Implementing AI in logistics can reduce planning time by 80% and logistical costs by 34%. Route optimization and pattern recognition not only add value to companies but also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with sustainability goals.

The late 2023 surge in online deliveries in Mexico City, backed by AI-driven logistics, highlights the evolving landscape of e-Commerce and the growing importance of efficient, sustainable delivery solutions in urban environments.

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