Rocket Lab, a Mexican Adtech startup, is expanding to Chile

Rocket Lab, with its visionary approach, adtech expertise, and commitment to innovation, is redefining mobile advertising in Latin America.
rocket lab mexican startup
Rocket Lab expands to Chile aiming for a stronger presence in the region’s market | Photo: Rocket Lab.

Rocket Lab, a prominent Mexican firm specializing in boosting mobile applications through advertising, has made its mark in Chile, aiming to expand its footprint in the continent’s digital landscape. Working hand in hand with two local giants, Falabella and Tapp, a digital card from Caja Los Andes, Rocket Lab is set to revolutionize the way mobile applications grow and monetize.

This adtech is aiming to grow by 400% in Chile by the end of the year and, at the same time, expand its client base to six. Carola Aliaga, Director of Revenue Latam at Rocket Lab, expressed her optimism about growing in Chile, praising its potential as a hotbed for innovative technologies with reach across Latin America. Moreover, Chile’s high level of banking provides a favorable environment for adopting apps and digital payments, a key factor for the company.

Regarding their partnership with Falabella App, Rocket Lab’s primary goal is to boost profitability. They want this e-commerce platform to see more transactions and higher-value transactions.

Focusing on the Perfect User

As apps grow and position themselves, the focus shifts from capturing a broad audience to attracting users that align perfectly with the brand. In this sense, the optimization and intelligence behind channels, algorithms, and KPIs allow them to identify and understand these ideal users, and this is precisely where Rocket Lab comes in.

Founded in 2019 by current CEO Juan Echavarria, it arose to meet a crucial need: helping mobile applications in Latin America achieve critical marketing goals. Their innovative ‘Space’ platform uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to display application ads across various mobile devices, thus drawing the perfect user for each brand.

The company is on three continents, from Latin America to Europe and Asia. Its expansion and growth, especially in Latin America, have been noteworthy. Accompanying the mobile device adoption trend in the region, Rocket Lab has experienced impressive growth in recent years. And all of this without relying on external financing.

Some of the renowned brands Rocket Lab has worked with are HBO Max, Paramount, BBVA, iFood, SuperDigital, and Vix. The case of Vix, a streaming platform from the TelevisaUnivision conglomerate, is especially noteworthy.

Launched in 2022, it quickly became the most downloaded application in Mexico, largely thanks to its enticing offer to stream the Qatar Soccer World Cup. This move led to an explosive 305% increase in its subscriptions, reaching one million subscribers. Rocket Lab attributes this monumental success to the reach and efficiency of digital marketing strategies.

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