Cornershop’s latest partnership just sweetened the deal for Uber

Users can find produce from Soriana on the Cornershop app

Contxto – Retailers cannot deny that home deliveries are of the utmost need with self-isolation. And in Mexico, one major company is ever-jumping on this bandwagon, Cornershop.

Soriana—a major supermarket chain—announced its products will be available for delivery via the Cornershop app today (2). This service will only apply for the Soriana stores found in 9 of the 10 cities in which the startup operates.

Why it’s a big deal: Soriana is one of the largest supermarkets in the country. So this move has only further sweetened the bargain for Uber, who’s awaiting regulatory approval to acquire Cornershop, a transaction that it’s been eager to complete since last year.

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Soriana and the Cornershop app

Note that the retailer already had its own delivery service and was available on other platforms like Rappi. So why team up with Cornershop now?

One reason might be that Soriana doesn’t want to miss out on the startup’s user base which is already familiarized and fond of Cornershop’s modus operandi.

Another explanation is that its ability to satisfy demand through its own platform or through third parties’ is insufficient.

Regardless, e-commerce in general is creating all sorts of logistics-related mayhem. To tackle this problem, platforms may rely on automation to add efficiency to their services and keep customers satisfied.

For example, grocery delivery platforms can enable their users to program their orders on a weekly basis. Through this approach, planning a delivery is slightly easier.

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