Contxto – Christmas is great. Founders finally leave the office to meet their families. Investors stop tweeting for a while. Co-workings look like abandoned hipster towns.

Gifts are a big part of this yearly
tradition, however finding the right present for your loved ones could
sometimes be overwhelming.

If your friend/partner/family member happens to be one of these tech-obsessed workaholics, we know how hard it could be for you to buy something nice for them.

No more ugly socks, overrated colognes or oversized t-shirts. Here are the top 6 Christmas presents for your dear entrepreneur.

Source: Toa Heftiba via Unsplash


What’s better than giving away knowledge as a Christmas gift? Few things. But be careful, although receiving the right books is amazing, getting the wrong one could be a huge turn-off. Especially because that person would never read them.

Few don’ts.

1. Do not give away random topic books (some people like that, but chances are most people won’t read a book about hydroponic gardens)
2. Do not buy them the Twilight Series
3. Do not buy a “movie turned book”

If you want to get it right, here are a few things to consider.

Buy them books about entrepreneurship, business, leadership and anything related, but try looking for the latest and newest best sellers. The problem with classics is that they might have already read them.

Go into amazon and  look for the newest entrepreneurship books. If you’re really that lazy, here’s a list of a couple books they might like.

a) Crossing the chasm by Geoffrey A. Moore
b) Blitzcaling by Reid Hoffman
c) Traction by Gabriel Weinberg
d) Never Split The Difference by Chriss Voss
e) Radical Candor by Kim Scott

Coffee Mug/Yeti

I’m talking from personal experience here. I love coffee, as most founders do. My girlfriend bought a Yeti for me, and it’s something I’m super grateful for.

I use it every day, especially during winter days, because it keeps the liquids inside as warm as possible.

This is certainly something worth considering. Does that person love coffee? Chances are they would really love a cool coffee mug or a Yeti tumbler.

Laptop Case

You know what they say: “Laptops are human’s best friends”.

They are something entrepreneurs use every day, and perhaps have with themselves at all times. Get them a nice case and they’ll be constantly thinking about you.

Business Card Holder

I haven’t found a cool card holder yet, so if you happen to find one feel free to send them over to our offices. I’d really appreciate that.

No, but seriously, networking is part of every founder’s day-to-day. Having presentation cards is a serious inconvenience if you don’t have a nice card holder to keep them organized and at hand.

Patagonia Vest

Source: Business Insider

No joke, this is the standard uniform for the office.

VCs and founders who aspire to be VCs tend to use these fashionable items. From finance to tech, many workaholics share the same taste for vests. Might be something to consider!


The world’s most comfortable shoes!“, as they call themselves, are also a great present.

Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs are well known for keeping their outfits to a bare minimum and not changing much from day to day. They do so in order to maximize time and minimize decision making when choosing something to wear.

Allbirds are comfortable, trendy and easy to match!

Any other tips, feel free to send them over to us.

Keep warm, people!

– VC.