AI stands out in new batch from Platanus Ventures

Platanus Ventures will have its Demo Day where the selected startups will participate and present their pitch. Something to highlight in this edition is that AI predominates in most of them.
Platanus Ventures tendrá su Demo Day donde las startups seleccionadas presentarán su pitch. La IA predomina en la mayoría de estas.

Artificial Intelligence gradually began to conquer the daily lives of people and businesses. It became a core part of many startups in different work ecosystems, something confirmed by Platanus Ventures.

Platanus Ventures will have its Demo Day, where selected startups will participate and present their pitch. Something to highlight in this edition is that AI predominates in most of these.

A considerable number of startups incorporated Artificial Intelligence in their development, but there is a specific group that has made AI the central element of their products.

“It’s not something we actively sought, but it became very evident in this process that AI is involved in all industries, as we received many applications from founders working on AI,” emphasized Paula Enei, CEO of Platanus Ventures.

Almost half of the startups participating in the mentioned Demo Day, scheduled for October 24 in Mexico City, belong to this group.

Not only have the selected startups benefited from artificial intelligence, but this technology has also been essential in the selection process since 2022 at Platanus Ventures.

“We have automated several stages of our processes, but two are key. One is that we use AI to obtain certain key points from each application, which helps us focus the review.”

“Another is that we use personalized notifications for each startup reviewer to help us keep reviewing continuously,” explained Raimundo Herrera, partner at Platanus Ventures.

The selection process has gained importance due to the quantity and quality of applications received each semester. In this last group of applicants, only 0.9% managed to join the Platanus Ventures community.

Paula Enei emphasizes that attracting high-quality talent has increased applications from various countries despite Platanus Ventures being a Chilean accelerator.

This current group comprises five Chilean startups, three Argentinean, one Mexican, one Colombian, and one Spanish startup.

In addition to AI, the startups presented at the upcoming Demo Day represent the SaaS, foodtech, and petcare industries, showcasing their platforms, solutions, and teams.

This event will mark the end of the program for this particular group, and its closure will take place in person, following the dynamics of the August kickoff.

It is essential to mention that the Demo Day is an exclusive online event, where only investors who have been selected after applying can witness the presentations, schedule meetings, and invest. This access will be available from October 24 to October 31.

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