Wizeline and Tec de Monterrey drive the first Generative Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in LatAm

This collaboration between Wizeline and Tec de Monterrey promises to reshape the landscape of Generative AI in Mexico and Latin America, establishing the country as a leader in technological innovation.
Generative Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
The future of AI in Mexico is bright | Photo: Tec de Monterrey

The Tecnológico de Monterrey, a renowned educational center in Mexico, and Wizeline, a global giant in technological services, have established a partnership that marks a milestone for the technical industry in Latin America. Together, they have brought to life the first Generative Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Mexico and Latin America, Gen AI Lab or G.AI.L.

Located on the Guadalajara campus of Tec de Monterrey, G.AI.L is projected as an essential link between academic research, entrepreneurship, and the practical application of Generative AI. With an MXN $9 million investment from Wizeline, this 270-square-meter laboratory aims to open its doors in 2024, becoming the heart of Tec’s AI Hub.

An epicenter of AI knowledge

This lab is not just a physical space; it’s a vision. G.AI.L aspires to be the benchmark in Generative Artificial Intelligence in Mexico. By combining Wizeline’s technological expertise with Tec’s academic talent, this center promises to be the cradle of innovative solutions tailored to contemporary industrial challenges.

In addition to Wizeline and Tec researchers, students from Guadalajara and other campuses will join to develop cutting-edge technologies and solutions that bring value to the company’s clients and the business landscape.

Among the main features of G.AI.L is a focus on customer needs, a drive for open innovation, an interdisciplinary collaboration spirit, continuous monitoring, and data analysis, complemented by a Generative AI Observatory and a design geared for adaptability and scalability.

G.AI.L is not just about theory. Its program, set to start in 2023, will expose students to real challenges, internships, hackathons, business workshops, and conferences in collaboration with Wizeline’s AI Academy. The vision is clear: merge theory and practice to achieve tangible advancements in AI.

G.AI.L is introduced as a priceless platform for students, academics, businesses, and startups, focusing on solving business challenges through Generative Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, in collaboration with the Wizeline AI Academy, many educational and community activities will be held.

It’s worth noting that according to projections from the analysis firm IDC, organizations are expected to invest more than USD $150 billion in AI-based systems in 2023, representing a 26.9% increase from 2022. By 2026, the total investment in AI is estimated to have surpassed $300 billion over those three years, making initiatives like Wizeline and Tec de Monterrey immensely valuable for the near future.

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