Nu makes transaction under the sea and imposes Guinness Record

The Brazilian bank Nu Bank achieved an unprecedented event in Mexico, carrying out the first underwater transaction at a depth of 20 meters.
Nu Makes Transaction Under The Sea And Imposes Guinness Record
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The Brazilian bank Nu Bank achieved an unprecedented feat in Mexico by conducting the first submarine transaction at a depth of 20 meters. 

This event earned them a validated record by Guinness World Records, as announced by their executives in a press conference.

diver descended 20 meters underwater carrying a cell phone connected via an ethernet cable to ensure internet connectivity.

This submarine transaction occurred near the Chicxulub crater, where a meteorite struck more than 66 million years ago, marking the end of the prehistoric era.

The purpose of this feat by Nu Bank is to demonstrate that users of digital financial services can have “absolute control over how they interact with their money,” emphasized the executives.

“We are here to tell you how a group of creative individuals decided to revisit a moment millions of years ago to convey something of today.

“A story in which we regain control of our money through digital services,” declared Emmanuel Romero, Marketing Manager of Nu Mexico.

Nu Bank, considered the leading digital bank in Latin America, aims to expand in Mexico and advocates in its new campaign that it is ending “financial prehistory” to usher in the NU era.

“This feat meant bidding farewell to financial prehistory,” stated David Zacarías, Creative Marketing Head of Nu Mexico.

To complement this achievement, Nu Mexico, with 3.6 million customers in the country, will launch a campaign with over 850 advertising materials, aiming to reach 50 million people, featuring actress and producer Karla Souza.

The Brazilian bank has expressed that Mexico is one of its priority markets in the region, given the growing competition between traditional banking and financial technology companies (fintech).

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