The Brazilian company Dock was valued at more than US$1.5 billion in a round led by the Lightrock and Silver Lake Waterman funds. They had previously obtained financing from Viking Capital and Visa Ventures. Dock, which emerged from the merger of three companies in 2021 (Dock, Conductor, and Muxi), already has nearly 2,000 employees and a presence in the region’s leading countries. 

Dock is a “Banking as a Service” fintech (paying for banking services as they are used instead of buying them). Its clients are companies that need to offer payment processing, proprietary credit cards, and other services on their platforms.

After its unicorn valuation, which occurred shortly after that of the Colombian real estate startup Habi, Latin America reached 44 companies that have achieved this category. Brazil is the country with the most unicorns in LatAm: 23.

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