2021 was the clearest example of how attractive Latin American startups are proving to be for venture capital funds; so much so that they invested US$15.3 billion in them. 2022 seems to indicate that last year will not be an exception, as new VC firms and more capital are emerging for the region

Joining this wave are the global venture capital fund Capria Ventures and the Mexican VC firm Cometa Ventures. They announced their alliance to scale “soonicorns” – companies that are on their way to becoming unicorns – in Spanish-speaking markets.

This is Capria’s seventh alliance with a Latin American fund, bringing their total to 14 investment partners in other parts of the world. In addition, this announcement comes just as Cometa is launching its third fund with a target of US$100 million, which will close this year.

“Capria and Cometa share a mission to help companies scale their solutions, highlighting innovation from Latam,” said Susana Garcia-Robles, senior partner at Capria Ventures.

Capria and Cometa’s Investments in LatAm

The global fund already has investments in Latin American startups such as Agrofy, Aprende Institute, Urbvan and Kueski. 

Capria invests in fintech, edtech, jobtech, logistics/mobility, agtech/food and healthcare. The VC firm focuses on regional “soonicorns” and backs local and regional fund managers that show “strategic support.”

On the other hand, Cometa injects venture capital into early-stage, Spanish-speaking technology companies in Latin America, Spain and the United States.

The Mexican fund has invested in companies such as Bitso, Cabify, Kueski, Gaia, WelcomeTech and Conekta; among others.

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