Contxto – If any startup realizes how knowledge is power, it’s the Brazilian firm ClipEscola. The educational communcation platform just raised an undisclosed amount from InvestTech to continue improving the quality of education around the world.

In Summary

As one of the largest communication and marketing platforms in Brazil, this endorsement will help the company in three major ways. These include expanding its product portfolio, adding sales team members, not to mention accelerating expansion within its country of origin.

Prior to this, LKC Capital prepared the company for this big moment with exclusive advising. The firm specializes in mergers as well as acquisitions, making it one of the leading consulting firms in the region.


ClipEscola is a B2B platform that educators, students and parents use in tandem. Specifically, it facilitates communication between all three entities. However, schools must register with ClipEscola in order to be of any use.

In terms of mission, the edtech startup wants to improve the quality of education worldwide. This is achieved by facilitating dialogue between scholars, educators and parents on its application.

Studies show that parent involvement increases the likelihood of academic success for children. Current figures say that ClipEscola has over 770,000 users in Brazil and elsewhere, which certainly inspired InvestTech to endorse the company.

“The decision to invest in ClipEscola was due to the quality of its technology, the various competitive differences, the expertise of the partners and the accelerated growth,” said InvestTech partner, Carlos Pessoa.

ClipEscola has been growing significantly since its founding. We believe that with our contribution, we can not only expand our portfolio but also accelerate expansion within Brazil.

Carlos Pessoa

Serving as a mediator, the communication forums Clip Escola allows the three entities to strategize together. This is particularly useful if the pupil is experiencing difficulties in the classroom.

Features range from instant messaging, digital agendas for rapid sharing, calenders of important dates, payment automation, student acquisition, plus other unique assets.


This sort of technology doesn’t only promote efficiency but also accountability for teachers, students and parents alike.

The Global Education industry is estimated to be worth over US$5.5 trillion, with e-learning representing about 3 percent. Certainly, the fast-growing tech industry will energize the overall education evolution.