Cube Ventures and Arkangeles have formed an alliance to support tech companies in LatAm. This partnership will allow investment through Cube Ventures’ investment vehicle with a minimum investment amount of USD $300. The aim is to diversify investment options in Venture Capital, reducing risk and enhancing returns.

The collaboration involves Cube Ventures, which boasts a portfolio of 108 companies across nine countries, and Arkangeles, a platform with a community that operates throughout LatAm and analyzes around 845 companies annually.

The alliance’s purpose is to lower barriers for investors in Venture Capital, offering training and risk diversification. Moreover, it provides resources and support for the companies they invest in.

UNESCO has highlighted the importance of investing in science, technology, and innovation for economic development and social progress. However, many startups fail within their first two years of activity due to various challenges, including a lack of capital.

Santiago Rojas Montoya, General Director of Cube Ventures, conveyed in a press release:

“We are entrepreneurs, and we recognize the needs and challenges of this long journey, which is why we are excited to be part of projects and new alliances that promote the support and growth of the ecosystem in Latin America. This is one more step to open the doors and give ventures financial support and broader market exposure.”

This collaboration aims to strengthen the tech sector in LatAm and provide opportunities for both investors and entrepreneurs.

The initiative of both institutions aligns with the pulse of investments in the region. A study by Venture City reveals that in the second quarter of 203, USD $650 million was invested in 117 Latin American startups, reflecting a 76% increase compared to the previous quarter. Even though these figures have not yet surpassed the previous year’s, the capital has been distributed evenly.

LatAm Quartertly VC Funding. (Source: Venture City)

The study also points out that, excluding the top 10 transactions, all other financing rounds were below USD $20 million, suggesting growth that might become more solid in the future.