diio: The AI-Powered Sales Assistant Helping Teams Close More Deals

Raised $1 million FEN Ventures alongside a group of angel investors, including the founders of Cornershop, as well as VCs such as Cristóbal Piñera of Daedalus and Salvador Said of 30N, who invested personally.
Diio: The Ai-powered Sales Assistant Helping Teams Close More Deals
Diio The Ai Powered Sales Assistant Helping Teams Close More Deals

The company’s board of advisors includes Cristóbal Valenzuela and Alejandro Matamala, founders of Runway, one of the world’s leading AI companies.

Imagine having a seasoned sales coach by your side, guiding you through every step of the sales process. That’s what diio.com, a new AI-powered sales assistant, offers to sales teams. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, diio predicts the likelihood of closing a deal and provides real-time coaching, helping salespeople improve their performance.

The founders of this innovative startup are Paolo Colonnello, an investor in Cornershop and co-founder of Capitalizarme with expertise in AI, and Nicolas Kipreos, former founder of Beetrack, angel investor, and Endeavor mentor. With a team of 12 professionals working remotely and headquarters in Puerto Varas, Chile, diio.com has attracted significant interest from investors.

Before launching its first commercial version, diio.com underwent extensive training, accompanying 100 salespeople in over 10,000 sales meetings and calls at companies like BUK, Webdox, Nubox, Capitalizarme, and Healthatom across Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia. With this comprehensive training, diio.com is well-positioned to impact industries that rely on consultative sales, such as insurance, finance, and B2B. By harnessing the power of AI, diio.com aims to give sales teams a competitive advantage, helping them close more deals and drive revenue growth.

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