Justice Department Targets Apple with Antitrust Suit

Escalating U.S. tech giant legal battles, Apple faces a lawsuit over iPhone’s restricted hardware and software access, amid European scrutiny.
Justice Department Targets Apple With Antitrust Suit
Justice Department Targets Apple With Antitrust Suit

The Justice Department is launching an antitrust lawsuit against Apple Inc., aiming at the tech behemoth for purportedly restricting competitors’ access to iPhone’s hardware and software.

This legal move, part of a broader crackdown by the Biden administration on major U.S. tech firms, highlights ongoing antitrust challenges, including actions against Google, Meta, and Amazon.

This case, emerging amidst Apple’s €1.8 billion fine in Europe for anticompetitive practices in music streaming, signifies a heightened phase of scrutiny for Apple, both domestically and abroad.

Apple’s stock dipped 1.4% following the lawsuit news, reflecting investor unease over the company’s legal predicaments. This marks the third Justice Department lawsuit against Apple in 14 years, with this latest charge accusing the iPhone manufacturer of illegally maintaining market dominance.

The timing is critical as Apple navigates increasing European regulatory attention, particularly with the recent enforcement of the Digital Markets Act, which threatens significant fines for non-compliance.

Initiated in 2019 under the Trump administration, this case against Apple reflects a strategic shift in the Justice Department’s focus towards Silicon Valley’s giants.

The backdrop of Epic Games’ monopolization lawsuit against Apple further intensifies the scrutiny on the company’s market practices. As the legal and regulatory landscape tightens around Apple, the outcome of these cases could herald significant changes for the tech industry at large.

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