Linio’s is closing operations in Mexico

Leaving behind a decade of influence and legacy in Mexico’s startup ecosystem.

Over a decade ago, Linio, a Rocket Internet-backed e-commerce platform, entered the Mexican market, transforming it significantly. Despite its sale to Falabella in 2018, Linio’s influence endures, especially through the startup founders it inspired, who now lead some of Mexico’s top startups, introducing digital business insights, scaling methodologies, and fundraising know-how into the ecosystem.

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  • Linio’s foundation in 2012 by Rocket Internet marked a pivotal moment for e-commerce in Mexico, which was then nascent, with Mercado Libre’s sales at just $27 million, a fraction of its total sales.
  • The company’s initial team included five cofounders with impressive backgrounds, indicating Rocket Internet’s strategy of deploying young, ambitious MBA graduates with a blend of equity and competitive salaries to spearhead its ventures.
  • Linio rapidly grew, both in team size and operational reach, amidst challenges like high team turnover and infrastructural limitations, yet managing to attract over $230 million in investments within four years, a record for Mexico’s startup scene at the time.
  • The “Linio Mafia” – former team members – have since founded numerous startups, cementing Linio’s role in attracting talent, fostering entrepreneurship, and promoting aggressive growth strategies in Mexico’s startup ecosystem.


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