Plenna announced it has raised a US$845,000 seed round and that it will open its first physical clinic in Mexico City. The round was led by Canary. 500 Startups and eleven angel investors also participated.

Plenna was created in Mexico at the end of 2020. Founders Giovanna Abramo and Lorena Ostos offer a comprehensive, women-focused healthcare service because, as they told Contxto, young Mexican women have long been disregarded in the healthcare provider market.

Abramo and Ostos said women look for doctors with whom they can trust and feel listened to without prejudice. The founders emphasized they want to “improve the experience of every woman when she goes to the doctor,” which is why they’re also incorporating technology into their service.

“There is no healthcare provider that offers patients the ability to view their medical history digitally,” they said.

In Full Operation

Plenna’s service focuses on three main areas:

  • Simple and educational content aimed to allow women a better understanding of their bodies. 
  • Creating community through its social networks, offering workshops and group membership.
  • Care, a comprehensive experience with telemedical solutions and clinics designed specifically for women. 

The femtech will begin by offering gynecological services but will then focus on six areas: general medicine, nutrition, stress, sleep, sexology, and mental health.

“We will give personalized recommendations to each patient. If they require a follow-up, we will refer them to suitable care. This service will pave the way to offer others within Plenna, such as nutrition and mental health, later this year,” the founders explained to Contxto.

In April, Plenna will start with its first service that will provide integrated hybrid healthcare named Plenna 360º. To offer care regardless of where patients are, Plenna 360º will use virtual and face-to-face components. The founders explained that it is the “first medical service in Mexico that will provide a complete and comprehensive evaluation of women’s health” supported by technology.

So far, Plenna’s telemedical service has nationwide coverage. The face-to-face service is only available in Mexico City through their clinic, called “Casa Plenna”.

While they plan to reach other cities in the country, Abramo and Ostos provide virtual advice to patients who live outside CDMX. In the event that they require a face-to-face check-up, they look for specialists to refer them to.

Plenna aims to be every woman’s one-stop shop for health issues. It currently offers gynaecological services, laboratory sampling, vaccinations and tests; as well as the sale of products and medications. 

“With our model, multiple physicians will coordinate the care of each patient by centralizing their information in our systems. This way, our patients will not have to go to multiple specialists and re-fill their medical records with each one of them,” concluded Abramo and Ostos.

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