wOS is a digital platform for online exercise that was created in Mexico. It recently announced that it raised US$1.2 million in a round led by Noemis Ventures, a New York fund, and with the participation of Y Combinator.

With this capital, wOS wants to develop new technologies focused on offering more personalized services based on their users’ preferences. A large part of the investment will go to the national and regional positioning of the brand.

One year after its launch, the platform already has more than 25 thousand users of its personalized and immersive training. The company offers new classes and live trainings every week; and it has two different business models: subscription and freemium.

wOS was founded in 2021 by Eduardo Mussali (CEO) together with Andie Illanes (COO) and Iddar Olivares (CTO). In addition to realizing that there is a great need in the region to adopt new habits that counteract physical inactivity and mitigate chronic health problems; the three founders created wOS at a time when, due to restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, users were already more receptive to training through a screen at home.

Also, the market for online workouts has great potential. In Latin America alone, the percentage of people who exercise is 2%, compared to the United States with 18%, according to data from the Module of Practice and Physical Exercise (MOPRADEF) 2021 of the INEGI. This data shows the great need there is to create and modify the habits of their users.

Currently, only 39.6% of the Mexican population over 18 years of age is physically active. Taking this into account, wOS is presented as a very attractive alternative with a lot of room to grow.

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